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  • It’s been 9 months since the last post where I broke down all the issues with the PS4 Media Player. In short, there have been a large amount of improvements to the DLNA functionality. I was forced to use the PS4 […]

  • There are still many good reasons to use cloud storage, whether you want to share files with your friends, or make your business easier by sharing files or backing up some data. Even though many file sharing sites […]

  • If you’re like me, you’re really beginning to get fed up with Gmail. What was once the go-to email provider in the world, millions have been leaving as Google began violating users’ privacy, instituting draconian […]

    • you are recommending a mail service owned not just by a state bur by the Russian state as secure? BAHAHAHA

      • I would trust Russia with my personal mail long before I trusted the U.S. government. Russia is probably the least likely to hand my mail over to the U.S. government, especially since I am no one of political importance! Gmail on the other hand doesn’t even need a court order, the U.S. government can probably already read all my emails in my gmail account! But the U.S. government does not have access to mail servers in Russia. Therefore Russia servers are far safer. Plus, few Russians know English very well at all. So most Russians can’t read my mail even if they wanted to just like most Americans can’t read Cyrillic.

        • Are you kidding? Most of the hacks of credit card companies, banks etc. have originated in Russia, and the perpetrators are never prosecuted. So obviously they know English well enough to hack into our systems. The Russia gov’t would love to get their hands on anything American, just look at what they did to our election. I would not be worried about the US gov’t looking at my emails unless I was plotting a ter rer attack.

          • I sense a liberal tinge to your many unfounded and erroneous assertions. Sounds like you are listening to the liberal conspiracy theories. Russia had nothing to do with our election. Trump won by the electoral college. Don’t you know that popular vote does not elect the President? You can’t “hack” electoral votes, there aren’t enough of them to “hack”. There are only a few hundred electoral votes (538 to be exact). (America is a republic, not a democracy. America was never intended to be a democracy. America is a Constitutional Republic.)

            Also your comment about “I don’t care about the government looking at my emails because I have nothing to hide” – obviously you do not care about freedom, which is the fundamental principle of the United States. Your comment is a common liberal cop-out. “Oh, I’m doing nothing wrong so I don’t care if they take away all my freedoms”.

            Samuel Adams, one of the founding fathers of America, said, quite aptly:

            “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom β€” go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

            I will translate this for you: “If you love to be a slave to your masters, the liberal socialists, and give up your freedoms to do so, suit yourself. We Americans don’t care what you say and we will ignore you. May you crouch down and lick the liberal hands which feed you. May your chains of liberal bondage to the slavery of comfort at the cost of your freedom weigh you down,” (he was being sarcastic when he said, “sit lightly upon you”) “and we deny you as one of our fellow Americans!”

            Remember this isn’t even me saying this (although I agree), this is one of our founding fathers of America saying this.

    • Hearing this does scare me a bit. I should quit gmail sooner rather than later. I need a complete replacement!

    • Thank you for the tips! I will look them up.

      Update: I looked up Inky. It does not look like Inky is a real email program, rather it is just an interface so you can read gmails, microsoft emails, etc all from the same place. This is not a replacement for gmail. Also, there is a free version but to have the features you have to pay. So no, Inky is not a solution to replace gmail and it is also not a free solution.

    • Thank you so much for this. I stumbled across your informative article on my quest to find an alternative to gmail. Totally fed up. Like you, I don’t relish migrating multiple accounts to a new platform, but the time has come. I am a frequent international traveler and am heartily sick of losing access to my gmail because Google has deemed the activity “suspicious”.

      I have experienced everything you described, including Google continuing to deny me access even with their own valid access codes. And traveling overseas, I rarely have the ability to receive a two step verification code by phone anyway, as I use different SIMs in each country. If you do manage to jump through their hoops and change your password and gain access to your accounts, you’re still not home free.

      And it’s not just, “Thank you very much, User. You have proved that it’s you and you’re in Spain.” The next night you’re at a different hotel a hundred miles away, and you have to go through the entire nonsensical exercise yet again. On a recent trip to Ireland, I went through (no joke) 12 passwords that I had to create AND REMEMBER (insert angry emoji here) for just one of my accounts.

      And you’re right – Customer Service isn’t a concept that Google embraces. I’ve tried for months to find an email address to suggest to them that they offer a service, such as bank credit cards do, where you could inform them of upcoming travel plans so that they know it’s you in advance. There isn’t one. I even asked my son-in-law, who works for Google. He just shrugged. There isn’t one.

      I am currently sitting in a hotel room 23 miles from my house, and once again I have been shut out of my gmail. 23 freaking miles – I didn’t even leave the State.

      I had already done some research, and heard of two of the services you recommended. I appreciate your reviews of them, as it helps narrow down my choice. You can be sure that one of them will shortly be obtaining a new account.

      • I am sorry to hear about your experiences. I also have had the same experiences. Whenever I travel or move, I lose access to my google accounts. Some accounts I will never have access to ever again. I need to get off gmail before it is too late and I lose access forever.

    • Hi Julie, Hushmail is not safe and cannot be trusted. They lied about their business model “not collecting user data” because it did collect user data and they turned this personal data over to the government when asked for it.

    • Can you please elaborate on this?

  • At E3 2016, Sony officially confirmed they are working on and planning on releasing the new successor to the PlayStation 4, the much coveted PS5, in the 2017 holiday season. This one isn’t an April Fool’s joke. […]

  • Before this recent upgrade, and since craigslist had decided to eliminate html images from the site, users have been stuck showing and viewing small resized 600×400 pictures. However, craigslist got a nice upgrade […]

  • There’s your problem right there. Sell that overpriced inferior Alienware while there is still a market of people silly enough to buy it from you, and build a PC for 1/10th of the cost that is 100 times more powerful.

    Apparently, the Alienware HDMI in/out is notorious for issues. The problem is not that you don’t have an hdmi in. The problem is…[Read more]

  • That’s correct, you can turn off HDCP to allow some basic streaming on the PS4 (or Xbox One), but it is also limited to only a few instances. If you want to be able to entirely stream everything on your screen whatsoever, you must get a compatible HDMI splitter (not any splitter, see the post above for details), otherwise it will show a black…[Read more]

  • Hello,

    Most computers do not have an HDMI input. It would be extremely rare for your computer to have an HDMI input, but if you do you will see two HDMI ports, not one. If you have only one HDMI port in your computer, it is actually an HDMI out, not HDMI in.

    Due to this, you cannot just plug the device directly to your computer. This is why…[Read more]

  • You should be aware that almost every so-called “SEO” company that exists today, or for the past 10+ years, is really a scam artist or organization of scam artists who make broad claims but really steal your […]

  • Hi KB, no, “prohibited” does not mean “hide”. When you click “prohibited”, it flags the message as spam. Since you thought it was spam, it only makes sense to hide it as well, so that is why craigslist adds it to hide automatically whenever you flag it as spam. You can always unhide if for some reason you really wanted to see the spam listings…[Read more]

  • I would still recommend these. However, I will write an update in January! πŸ™‚ Thank you for your feedback. πŸ™‚

  • The best deal we have seen all year! Sadly, it sold out before I had a chance to even visit the link! I got a newsletter to my email for this $299.99 PS4 deal just 1 hour ago, and it is already sold out! It’s not […]

  • So I picked up another PS4 today after returning my first one last year when it had no DLNA, because PS4 now has DLNA support. However, I was very disappointed to discover how bad the DLNA is on the PS4.

    Let’s […]

  • If you haven’t already heard, Sony officially released a statement saying that today, October 9th, PlayStation 4, the highly desired upgrade to the PlayStation 3, has gotten its first official price d […]

  • You’re welcome! Glad it helped πŸ™‚

  • It has been a long time coming, but Windows 8 is finally dead and gone and Windows 10 is officially here. People buying new computers and laptops soon will no longer have to worry about buying Windows 8 versions, […]

  • A couple months ago, I switched to Verizon prepaid from Virgin Mobile. I was a Virgin Mobile customer for many years, but I finally became fed up with the slow internet connection and limited phone availability. I […]

  • The ads say that “Diamonds are forever”. They tell you to spend tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for this clear, hard rock. They tell you that if you don’t spend your life savings on a ring with one […]

  • Craigslist got a major update today, that now allows you to hide listings from the search and automatically hides posts you have flagged, with the option to undo the hiding of the post if desired. This is a great […]

    • They do not, you need to re-click that link in the bottom right corner that says “show/hide hidden listings”. You must have clicked that and forgot about it. Click that and the hidden ones will disappear.

    • Hi KB, no, “prohibited” does not mean “hide”. When you click “prohibited”, it flags the message as spam. Since you thought it was spam, it only makes sense to hide it as well, so that is why craigslist adds it to hide automatically whenever you flag it as spam. You can always unhide if for some reason you really wanted to see the spam listings that you flagged.

    • Their post will not be removed unless many people flag it. So just one person accidentally clicking prohibited is not really going to impact the seller much, don’t worry.

    • Craigslist recently updated their “hide” feature and I also noticed it is not always working on multiple posting when trying to hide on the map. This is a bug on craigslist, so there’s nothing we can do until craigslist fixes this bug. I agree it’s quite annoying and craigslist needs to fix this issue ASAP.

    • Notice next to the red X it says something like “5 hidden”. This means this is how many posts you have hidden. If you click it, it will show ONLY the posts you hid. Click again to go back to normal with your hidden posts hidden.

    • Hi owner that needs help,

      Did they said they saw the reviews on craigslist and not yelp?
      If craigslist, you can find the views by just searching for your own apartments on craigslist.
      One you find it, you can flag, but no guarantees it will be removed. However, it is probably breaking the TOS of craigslist so you can go into craigslist support forums and post it there, and an admin might remove it, but be aware that there is no guarantee it will ever be removed.
      Lastly you can contact craigslist abuse over the web form and post the link to the post and a brief description of why the post should be removed. Still, no guarantees.
      Please be aware you will never be able to contact craigslist by phone. Unfortunately there is absolutely no way.

    • You unhide hidden ads by clicking in the top right of the page.

    • Why does c/l allow photos in personal ads?  Disallowing it would eliminate all the smut in there, it’s awful and offensive posts rarely get deleted.  What does only inevitably gets reposted.  Some people are just plain sick!

    • Once a post is flagged off the site showing the error “flagged for removal”, the ad has been removed from craigslist due to enough people flagging it and will not ever be coming back.

    • Click the “prohibited” link in the top left of the page when clicking an ad.

    • Hi John, I found the hidden post feature doesn’t work on different computers. If I hide one post on one computer with one account, the post is not hidden if using the same account but different computer. Any idea how to solve the issue? Thanks, Will

      • This is because craigslist stores these settings in the localstorage area of your browser, not in your account. It is a browser cookie.

    • It only hides for you.

    • You have to click on the red icon in the top right, then it will show only your hidden posts, then you remove from hidden then go back by pressing back in your browser.

    • Hi, actually every time you flag an ad it also hides it. So you flagged 14 ads. If an ad is hidden then it is only hidden for that person, it still shows for everyone else.

    • You can’t take them down but you could take them to court and have the court order them to stop using your phone number as well as have the courts force craigslist to take down existing ads with your phone number not posted by you.

    • You were ghosted for overposting likely. This has nothing to do with this hidden feature.

    • delete all your cookies, including the super cookies. This will unhide everything, and delete all your saved searches and favorites too.

    • This is because craigslist stores these settings in the localstorage area of your browser. You are automatically deleting all your cookies, or using private sessions, so, they cannot store your setting. Every time your browser is closed, it deletes all settings websites store in your browser. Shut that feature off if you want websites to be able to store your preferences indefinitely.

    • If you log into your account, it does save your trashed items forever. If you are not logged in, there would be no way for craigslist to know you wanted it trashed after you cleared your browser cache. So log in before you trash items if you want to keep it trashed forever.

    • I’m not sure how many. Yes I know about the evil craigslist flaggers, some evil businesses do it to kill their competition also.

  • Due to a recent security breach, Twitch has reset all user passwords and stream keys. Now all users will need to reset their password in order to be able to log in.

    In this bulletin today, Twitch stated, “We […]

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