Apple Gets Patent Approved That Allows For Easier GPS Directions For Users

Directions are about to get a little easier thanks to patent filed by Apple In 2013. The patent, which is entitled "Humanized Navigation instructions for mapping applications", was approved this week and will allow for more user friendly directions while traveling. For example. Instead of hearing the usual, "take a left in approximately 400 feet", the user will hear... read more

Fourth Installment Of The Scary Indie Game Series Five Nights at Freddy’s Coming In October

Are you ready for the final chapter of the scary game "Five Nights at Freddies"? The creator of the scary horror game series Five Nights at Freddy's, Scott Cawthon, released a photo on his website this week teasing the final installment in the indie horror series. The image itself features a vastly different looking Freddy Fazbear, complete with an evil grin on his... read more

John Romero Reveals That He Experimented With The Idea Of Paid Mods In 1995

Whether your a modder that works tirelessly  to turn the latest video game r into a masterpiece of their own, or a gamer eager to play someone else's modded version of their favorite video game, I think we can all agree that the idea of paid mods just a day dream to the general public back in 1995. To John Romero, co creator of games like Quake and Doom, the idea... read more

Jared Leto Revealed As The Joker In The New Batman Movie “Suicide Squad” Coming In 2016

He looks like Edward Cullen. Those were my first thoughts when I saw Jared Leto dressed as the joker for the first time in a Twitter post over the weekend. I don’t mean he looks exactly like the sparkling vampire, who took the world by storm in 2009, but it looks like the director is trying to change up The Jokers image a bit to make him look more appealing to young... read more

Full House 80’s TV Series Remake “Fuller House” Coming To Netflix In 2016

Have mercy! That has to be what fans of the original 80's sitcom Full House had to be thinking when Netflix announced they would be releasing a spin-off series named Fuller House. The spin-off will star many of the actors from the original series, including Cameron Candace, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber and John Stamos. Guest appearances are apparently being discussed... read more

“Garbage Day” Game Allows You To Live The Same Day Over and Over Again Like In Groundhog Day With Bill Murray

Live the same day over and over again. Developer Svajunas Zemaitas announced that they are working on a new game that allows gamers to live the same day again and again. Garbage Day is described as an open-world game that allows players to explore an immersive interactive world with almost limitless possibilities. The only catch? Once you die during gameplay, or if the... read more

Retro Game “Chip’s Challenge” To Get Sequel After Only 25 Years Of Waiting

Chip's challenge, the original puzzle game developed by Chuck Sommerville for The Windows 3.1 and The Atari Lynx, is finally getting a sequel after 25 years. It will be named "Chip's Challenge Two", and the original game will be available for Steam users on May 28th, 2015. Chip's challenge is a tile-based puzzle game that was released in 1989 by Chuck Sommerville. The... read more

26 Facts About The Original Game Boy That You Never Knew | Game Boy’s 26th Anniversary

In honor of the 26th Birthday of the Game Boy System, we take a look at 25 facts about the game system that could fit in your pocket and would take the gaming world by storm in 1989. The Game Boy might be older then most of the people that originally played it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a very special place in the memories of our childhood. 26 May 21 was... read more

DOTA Gets An Unofficial Call Of Duty Style Makeover By Modder Named BMD

Defense Of The Ancients now a first-person shooter? Not exactly, but thanks to a complete makeover by a modder named BMD, the game has been transformed into a fantasy first-person shooter with cartoon-like graphics. BMD also took out items, minions and many other core elements of gameplay that define the franchise. For those not familiar with DOTA, the game focuses... read more

Character Lineup Leaked For Disney Infinity; Mickey Mouse, Mulan, And Others Said To Be Included

According to retailer Tooboo, Olaf, Mickey Mouse and Mulan will be included in the upcoming line up for Disney's Infinity 3.0. The information was accidentally leaked by the retailer on April 20th, but was then quickly removed from their website. The leak is also starting to lead to speculation about a Star Wars line of figures being released for the video game as... read more