Movie Review: Cinderella (2015) | Not Your Typical Happily Ever After; A New Take On A Classic Tale

Spoiler Alert: This post may contain spoilers. Many a fairy tale concludes with, "And they lived happily ever after." Fewer begin from such a place. But for Ella, life was indeed enchanted. Growing up in a sprawling country mansion, her days consist of communicating with her animal friends (especially four mice living in the house), and basking in the delight of her... read more

Movie Review: Will Smith returns to the big screen this year in “Focus” as a Clever Con-Artist

Nicky Spurgeon is an extremely accomplished con man who takes an amateur con artist, Jess, under his wing. Nicky and Jess become romantically involved, and with Nicky's profession of being a liar and a cheater for a living, he realizes that deception and love are things that don't go together. They split, only to see each other three years later... and things get... read more