Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Movie Review | The Review Mad Max Needs Right Now, But Not The One It Deserves

Yeah okay so Mad Max had no characterization, plot, emotion or any of the other things that are essential to storytelling. What this movie did do was to place a 2 hour or so long spectacle before my eyes that bore the vivacious pulse of a living, breathing, film. It was a good movie. It was worth sinking 14 dollars and 2 evening hours to plant myself in a mildly... read more

Device 6 Game Review | Unique Puzzle Game, Great Expectations, Average Gameplay

Let me start this review by telling you, avid video game fan, this is not a roast. A roast is the video-game review equivalent of a guy running out of a burning building screaming. Device 6 was a fun game, but to be honest I felt cheated about halfway through. Device 6 promised mystery, an interesting plot, an experience new to gaming. A product that truly took advantage... read more

DOTA 2 Game Review | 6.84 Update and the Adverse Simplification of DOTA

Sometimes, readers, you have to make calls with little certainty and no proper evidence. It is what makes our society run. It is very easy for people to look in hindsight at the stories that have already been fleshed out and told, and to point at the evidence that has been so helpfully gathered to make this story function properly. We aren't doing that today. Today, we... read more

What Happened To Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games? Rome Total War Happened!

Most of you have played at least one real-time strategy game in your life. For some of us, RTS was the highly potent treatment for an addiction to command and control, military history, or most likely both. Part of it was roleplaying as Joan of Arc saving France from English invaders in AOE2, or as Jim Raynor protecting lowly colonists in Starcraft. Perhaps it was... read more

80 Days | Best Single Player iOS Game I Have Played In Years

This is for all of you who have been looking for that mobile game that will give you something to do while you are waiting for a doctor's appointment, or looking to take a discreet 10 minutes off work. Games like "Clash of Clans" and others look great, but some of us want a more casual gaming experience. Normally, I dismiss casual games and casual gamers as, well,... read more

DOTA 2: Defense Of The Ancients | The Ten Million Dollar Game

I have been a gamer all my life. I played hundreds of hours of Pokemon, I got every last dime out of my N64, I beat up my Xbox controllers. At heart though it is the PC that has the strongest hold. Civilization, Rome Total War, Rise of Nations, these were the games that sucked up hours of my time. It was hard to imagine anything surpassing the RTS format. It is the... read more