Turns Out Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Is Not Really In Space, Is Better Than You Thought | Everything You Need To Know

Many people avoided Call of Duty Infinite Warfare when they saw the space video with people flying around in space. However, as it turns out, the multiplayer game really isn't like that at all. On the campaign single-player mode, certainly there is a space scene where you fly around and shoot spacecraft like in StarFox or something like that (although not near as awesome... read more

Battlefield 1 vs Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: The Fans Weigh In And Choose Which Is Best, Can You Guess Which One Wins By A Landslide?

Battlefield 1 is the new sequel to the Battlefield FPS series, and Infinite Warfare is the new addition to the Call of Duty franchise. Battlefield has gone back in time to World War 1, and continues to hold true to the ground-fighting, action-packed battleground of cutthroat first-person-shooting action. Meanwhile, Infinity Ward has created their new installment to the... read more

Fallout 4 Review | Some Pleasant Updates But Overall A Wasteland of Mediocrity

The Fallout series is one of the most well-known and celebrated franchises in recent history. It particularly hit the main stream with the release of Fallout 3 and any installments afterwards. So needless to say when Fallout 4 was announced people lost their minds. New mechanics, new features, new settings, we all had reason to be excited. I'm personally a huge Fallout... read more

Super Mystery Dungeon Review | A Slightly Less Than Super Entry

Pokemon spinoffs are generally a big hit or miss. This rings especially true for sequels. They can be less than stellar, for example the first Pokemon Ranger game being far superior than its predecessors. On the other hand the second set of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Games (Explorers of Time & Darkness, and later Sky) were far better than the original ones. Meanwhile the... read more

Rainbow Six Siege (2015) | Excellent Gameplay Under One Mode But Fails To Impress, Limited Content, No Respawn, No Team Deathmatch

Rainbow 6 Siege is the long-awaited successor to Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I enjoyed playing it, for a couple days, but got quickly bored due to lack of content, lack of game modes, and lack of excitement. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was perhaps my favorite first-person shooter game of all time. I continued playing the game on PS3 until no one was playing anymore, and then I bought... read more

Mechanic Watermelon Review – Free-to-play Chrome Web Store Game | Highly Addicting and Extremely Hard Strategy Puzzle Game

In an age of Call of Duty and Skyrim, modern games often tend to focus more on graphics than game mechanics and gameplay. That said, of course modern graphical games have their merit, and ultra-realistic graphics are pretty cool too. However, with the age of ultra high realism, game developers seem to be moving away from the basic game mechanics, and games are more... read more

Device 6 Game Review | Unique Puzzle Game, Great Expectations, Average Gameplay

Let me start this review by telling you, avid video game fan, this is not a roast. A roast is the video-game review equivalent of a guy running out of a burning building screaming. Device 6 was a fun game, but to be honest I felt cheated about halfway through. Device 6 promised mystery, an interesting plot, an experience new to gaming. A product that truly took advantage... read more

DOTA 2 Game Review | 6.84 Update and the Adverse Simplification of DOTA

Sometimes, readers, you have to make calls with little certainty and no proper evidence. It is what makes our society run. It is very easy for people to look in hindsight at the stories that have already been fleshed out and told, and to point at the evidence that has been so helpfully gathered to make this story function properly. We aren't doing that today. Today, we... read more

BatGirl and More Coming To Batman Arkham Knight Game In June

Ask and you shall receive. That is exactly what happened when Warner Brothers and Rocksteady Studios  were asked by fans to give more information on why they should pay 40 extra dollar's for the season pass of Batman Arkam Knight. This occurred after the initial announcement of the season pass left fans of the series feeling in the dark about what would exactly be... read more

What Happened To Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games? Rome Total War Happened!

Most of you have played at least one real-time strategy game in your life. For some of us, RTS was the highly potent treatment for an addiction to command and control, military history, or most likely both. Part of it was roleplaying as Joan of Arc saving France from English invaders in AOE2, or as Jim Raynor protecting lowly colonists in Starcraft. Perhaps it was... read more