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AOL Mail Alienates The Last Remnants Of Its Users By Requiring Phone Verification, Drops Into Obscurity

Aol Mail has done it, finally dropped into obscurity. How? By forcing phone verification on all new mail accounts. Not only phone verification, but forced required phone from "valid networks" and only if you can receive texts - and not VOIP. It's not that anyone in the world can't receive texts. It's that for anyone with half a wit who cares enough about their privacy to... read more

Don’t Miss These Great Premium Games For FREE for PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PC This February 2015

Warning: These games are only free for a limited time and these promotions can end at any time. So get them quick! Shortcuts Free PS4 Games Free PS3 Games Free PS Vita Games Free PC Games FREE PS4 GAMES FEBRUARY (PS PLUS MEMBERS ONLY) Apotheon Apotheon is a 2D action RPG based on Greek Mythology. It is a new PS4 port of a PC game that was only just... read more

McLaren P1 GTR | Rare And Sleek, Ultra-Expensive Superfast Supercar

The massively powerful Mclaren P1 GTR is a superpowered variant of the McLaren GTR. With 986bhp and a stunning 1,100 lb/ft of torque, this stunning gorgeous sports car will knock your socks off. This highly aerodynamic track-prepped supercar has a massive 3.8-liter V-8 and a hybrid electric motor. The exectric motor can step in and give additional performance as well... read more

Ferrari LaFerrari | Insane Speed And Luxurious Driving Bliss

The perfect combination of beauty, power, and luxury, Ferrari has been the dream of many. Faster than the Ferrari Enzo and more expensive than the Bugatti Veyron, the Ferrari LaFerrari looks better than the hottest girl in school and is faster than your brain on drugs. As the successor to the Ferrari Enzo taking its place as the flagship model for 2014, the 789hp V12... read more

It Is Scientifically Possible To Physically See Back In Time, In Real Time

I thought of this a few years ago, although only now do I realize how it would be actually possible to implement. Back then I thought, if there was a glint of reflection of light, we could see into our own past. I'm jumping ahead of myself. Some years ago, I wrote this down: When we look out at the known universe, we are looking out into the past, essentially... read more

Twitch Hits New Landmark With 100 Million Viewers Per Month, 16 Billion Minutes Watched

Twitch recently launched a new website to show their impressive milestones for 2014. Among these milestones is an average of 100 million unique viewers per month, and 16 billion minutes watched per month. That adds up to 192 Billion minutes watched per year. What is 192 Billion minutes? If 192 Billion minutes in 2014 was spent: ➠ Learning a new language: The... read more

Installing the mbstring extension (Multibyte) with Easy Apache

On the Sharing Setting page in Wordpress using the JetPack plugin, you might have gotten this error at the top of the page (paraphrased): "Warning! Multibyte support missing! It will work without it but if mbstring is available you should use it."I would post the exact words it said but I did not take a screenshot of it and now I don't get the error because I fixed... read more

Uncharted 4 Gameplay Trailer for PS4 and Unique Promises By Naughty Dog

Unlike the other titles in the awesome Uncharted series, which followed a more planned and direct path to completing missions, Naughty Dog wants to go in a different, and in my opinion, better direction this time around. Instead, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End for Playstation 4 will have a more open, sandbox approach. According to Ricky Cambier, the co-lead designer for... read more

Original content war between Amazon and the movie industry heats up, Amazon promises 12 new movies each year

Look out, Netflix, here comes Amazon! With the great successes of almost every venture Amazon has attempted to take on, from a 3D-ish cell phone to the partnership with USPS to deliver packages on Sunday, Amazon is started to look a lot like Google in the way of Ambition and nothing like Microsoft who seems pleased with un-ingenuity and the same-old same-old. Amazon... read more

Maserati Birdcage 75th Anniversary Edition Pininfarina

Built in 2005, this carbon fiber and glass insane futuristic concept car has always been one of my favorites. It truly does have a cockpit and opens like a jetfighter. There are no doors; in fact, the roof opens up as a bubble canopy and so does the rear end to access the engine. This car was made as a concept by Ken OKuyama and Pininfarina, and even a documentary was... read more