Craigslist Gets Upgrade, Now Allows Users To Hide Posts And Automatically Hides Flagged Posts

Craigslist got a major update today, that now allows you to hide listings from the search and automatically hides posts you have flagged, with the option to undo the hiding of the post if desired. This is a great feature update, so it’s too bad it hasn’t been publicized so more people could know about it.

When you flag a post on craigslist, now the listing that you flagged will be hidden with a notification in the bottom right that allows you to show the posts that have been hidden.

craigslist hidden posts

Additionally, it also allows you to hide individual posts by clicking a small “X” next to each listing in the listings page.

craigslist hidden posts 2

So now when you search through craigslist, posts you don’t want to see and posts that you have flagged will no longer display in the search results, making it easier for you to browse listings.

The feature seems to be available for both logged-in users and users who are not logged in and do not have an account. However, it’s probable that if you have an account it will save your hidden posts so that you won’t see the posts you don’t want to see even after you clear your browser cache or close your browser.

On a side note, there is a small bug in the new feature that makes it so that if the post title is too long, you won’t be able to see the “x” button when in “Gallery” mode. Until they fix this issue, you can hide the post by switching to “List” or “Thumb” mode in the top left of the page.

craigslist hidden posts 3

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71 thoughts on “Craigslist Gets Upgrade, Now Allows Users To Hide Posts And Automatically Hides Flagged Posts

  1. There is a group posting fake ads for boats. I was a fool and got scammed for $2000 on a bass boat. they are using Tracker boats, pontoon boats and jet skis. They give you a fake e-mail and want you to use E-bay to do the transaction. I go on every day and prohibit these posts. It costs them $10 for every post. I have taken over 200 of their posts off but in the long run, somebody else will fall prey to it. I wish you could call someone at Craigslist to give them more information. I have sent in many e-mails to them. Everyone take care and go see your boats or whatever else they are posting. I’m sure they are doing cars and a whole lot more. I have vented now so I will go back to removing these posts.

  2. Im glad i found your site describing the function of the “×” beside craigslist ad’s.
    I was beginning to think that because I started hiding all the unwanted ad’s I had no interest in,
    that was the problem starter for me.
    I rarely ever flag an ad.

    I’ve used craigslist for years.
    Here recently I have been blocked from responding to an ad for something I want to buy, etc…

    Everytime I try I get this message:
    Something has gone wrong_check again later.
    I’ve tried to do as craigslist “help section” says do,
    But I cannot find “Tools or Preference” on my internet browser to check for “ad-ons”.
    I’m using my Samsung Note 8 (Android) cell phone.
    And with Samsung Internet.
    I’ve also tried using “Google Chrome Browser”.
    Same problem when trying to respond to ad.

    What I found to stopped this problem so I can respond was:
    Under my browser settings / privacy section >
    Turn Off “Accept Cookies”.
    Then clear Cache / Browsing History / Delete Cookies.

    It’s FIXED_ I can now respond to ad’s I’m interested in, and communicate with seller.
    The Downfall for turning off “Accept Cookies” is >
    You cannot access many websites you use.
    And you cannot use settings on Craigslist .
    It always returns to a default setting such as_ If I select to view in a “Thumbnail View” _ it always returns to a “Gallery View”.
    I want Thumbnail View.
    This is a Huge Hassle evertime I view an ad_then I have to change it again and loose my place where I was at in Craigslist . Everytime !

    It’s not my internet modem causing the issue,
    Cause I can use my wife’s smartphone to search search Craigslist _with No Issues.

    Why I’m being blocked by Craigslist Cookies_ I Don’t Know.
    I follow their guidelines completely.

    I Closed my Account _ That Did Not Help Either.

    Does Anybody Know How To Correct This Problem ?
    Craigslist Is Not Responding To Me In Help Section.
    Someone PLEASE HELP… I’m going crazy !

    • If you use a VPN craigslist will usually ghost your listing. Or, if your IP is blacklisted then craigslist will ghost your listings. When it is removed immediately without even being posted this is called ghosting. I recommend to create a new account – or better yet just don’t use craigslist since it is now dead since they now charge $5 for every post (which is really about $150 or more per month). If you are spending hundreds per ad, there are far better sources for advertising with far higher quality traffic. It’s just not worth it anymore especially since they lost all their traffic after charging for all services ads. It’s only good anymore for getting rid of items you have at a loss.

  3. I hate that you can’t remove an ad that is inappropriate. For example, CL does not allow a person to place an ad for a pet in the “Free” category. Back in the day, if you flagged one of these ads, it was removed. Today, these inappropriately placed ads are merely hidden from me, not removed.