The Man and the Death Ray That Destroyed Everything and Everyone In Its Path: A Short Story

In a break from the traditional articles, here is a science fiction short story series which will be released in various parts. If you like it, share it and I will write more.

The Man and the Death Ray That Destroyed Everything and Everyone In Its Path: A Short Story

Part 1: Beginnings of a mad scientist

There once was a man, a city-dwelling man, who got so tired of everyone’s bull that he just decided to eliminate everything and everyone who got in his way. Kreg Dormer was his name, a tall, stocky man in his mid-thirties with intense blue eyes and wavy blond hair. He worked as a scientist, a theoretical physicist, at a top-secret NASA facility until everything went awry.

It all started when one day when he was designing a new experiment to test a levitation device which was to be implemented in the long-range space travel program. While working intensely on the project, suddenly there was a great explosion which instantly incinerated the entire project without a trace. One moment it was there, and the next it was gone; and not a single molecule remained.

No one is really sure what happened, except for Kreg of course. Some say the explosion caused a series of micro-black holes which imploded. Others say someone stole the project and there was no explosion. Kreg, however, was later to uncover the real reasons behind the mysterious explosion, but not before he was unfairly terminated from his high-level position at the top-secret facility.

The bureaucracy at NASA decided that they had to blame someone for the disaster which scuttled three long years of research and over 20 billion dollars all in an instant. The surveillance tapes were completely scorched and even the remote backups were obliterated, since during the explosion it released an electromagnetic pulse that fried all electronics within 800 meters of the blast.

In a desperate attempt to appease their superiors, Kreg’s best friends decided to throw him under the bus. Upon hearing the news – and worse, who was behind it – Kreg was so devastated that he almost threw himself under a bus. Fortunately (or perhaps not so fortunately), he changed his mind at the last second.

After receiving his termination letter from NASA and packing up his things, Kreg was still doing very well financially. His position and financial acumen had allowed him to save several million dollars before the unfortunate incident that shipwrecked his career. However, Kreg was quite upended that his life’s work had been taken over by people he once called friends.

Over the next three years he spent night and day working to reverse-engineer the disaster…

Just before his accounts were terminated, he sent all the data remotely over a secure channel to his secret home laboratory – a bunker underneath his home office, complete with state-of-the-art equipment. Kreg got to work and over the next three years he spent night and day secretly working to reverse-engineer the disaster that sidelined his life.

Out of his work he discovered that what really occurred was instantaneous subatomic molecular atrophy – essentially, a quantum explosion. Effectively, it obliterated every particle of matter in a single moment. Since every atom was shredded, there was not a single particle remaining – hence why the entire project appeared to vanish into thin air.

Once Kreg understood the fundamental workings behind the disaster, he was able to replicate the effects on a smaller, controlled level. He then fashioned it into a weapon by using a magnetic field to isolate and project the blast – effectively vaporizing everything in his path. Not only that, but he could use the device to neutralize any electronic equipment through a focused EMP blast.

With this new weapon, Kreg in his mad genius understood one simple fact: with this weapon he could be unstoppable. And filled with a reckless lackadaisical attitude in the wake of having his life’s work stolen from him, he decided to do whatever he wanted from here on out.

With his new weapon he could obliterate anything and anyone in his path, with zero evidence. Science could not even begin to trace effects from his gun until over a century later. And with the ability to fry all electronics, no one could trace or monitor anything he did, even in today’s Orwellian surveillance state.

Now Kreg was ready to leave his effective mad-scientist workshop and merge back into the world – as an invincible, untraceable, miscreant, although with some ethical context still remaining in his tortured subconscious mind.

He trimmed his now long beard short, cut his long hair, and hired someone to clean up his house. He got his affairs in order and was ready to take on the world – quite literally. By the time he was done, he looked like a new man. No one would suspect a thing.

. . . Stay tuned for Part 2.

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