Top 10 Reasons Why Quora Sucks And Deserves To Die A Quick Death

It is amazing that Quora raised millions of dollars for a crummy question and answer website. It probably was able to raise the funds for several reasons, none of which were because it deserved to raise even a penny. These reasons probably included: the owner had connections, they did a good job at raising capital, the owners had a good credit rating, and the people doing the pitch to the investors were good salesmen.

But the truth is that Quora sucks. Why does it suck so badly? Here are the top 10 reasons that Quora sucks.

10 You have to have an account to even read the results on Quora

You have to have an account to even read the results on Quora
Why Quora Sucks This is the most obvious problem with Quora that makes it suck so bad. But making an account might be ok if it was anonymous and if it wouldn't be deleted. In fact, without all the other problem, I might not mind at all registering in order to being able to use the site fully.

However, that still doesn't change that fact that it is a huge annoyance that they literally force all visitors to register for an account in order to use the site, thus revealing their email and home IP address, unless you use a VPN and a throwaway email. But even if you do use a VPN and throwaway email, your account will quickly be deleted if you don't violate your privacy, as explained in the rest of this top 10 list of why Quora sucks.

9 You have to download the Quora app in order to even use the full site

You have to download the Quora app in order to even use the full site
Why Quora Sucks Using the mobile version there is this huge banner at the top forcing you to download the mobile version. But that is not all. Little did you know, but actually Quora hides many questions and answers, even though it is downloaded using your mobile data, so that you can't read it on your phone even if you are logged in, without actually downloading a privacy invading obtrusive app on your phone that takes up space, reads your contacts, and violates even more of your privacy.

8 They force you to use the site their way and not the way you want to

They force you to use the site their way and not the way you want to
Why Quora Sucks For example, instead of letting you not choose interests, you are forced to choose 10 interests even if you aren't interested in 10 things. This means your feed will be clogged with a bunch of crap you don't want to read about, if you actually use the site.

7 You have to use your REAL name in real life to even use the site

You have to use your REAL name in real life to even use the site
Why Quora Sucks Let's face it - we all hate posting our personal information on the internet. Now even this stupid Quora question and answer website wants you to post your real name in order to create an account which is required to even use the website! This is a massive violation of privacy. What is even worse is that if you use a pseudonym, they will demand you give your government-issued ID to "verify your identity".

The stupid and really horrible reason they do this is because they don't want people creating multiple accounts and they think it will tone down people's passion. However, more importantly, it gives the moderators an unreasonable amount of control over the content. By being able to ban a user forever from ever using the website, moderators are able to inhibit freedom of speech by banning any users who do not agree with their personal values, even if they did not break any "rules".

This is a 1) violation of privacy, 2) violation of freedom of speech, and 3) results in political bias, which is a huge no-no for a question and answer site. Worse, it alienates a large number of valuable contributors, because only people who are stupid or naive enough to give a liberal question and answer website access to their personal identity and personally identifying documents, will ever be the ones who remain on the website.

Additionally, it means that people will not be fully honest and will not give the correct and unbiased answers, because of the constant fear of being banned from the website.

As a result, the site is now filled with hacks and liberals instead of valuable contributors. The moderators are able to push their liberal bias and ban conservative views. They are able to delete any honest comments about how terrible Quora is so they can safely ignore the valuable advice telling them why they sick so bad, because they have no reason to change it.

Moreover, now they can sell all these people's personal information to the highest bidder as part of their monetization strategy.

Sure, you can post answers as "Anonymous". However, anonymous answers are penalized, and have a high risk of being deleted by a moderator who disagrees with you. Additionally, just because you are posting as "anonymous" doesn't mean anything because Quora unpaid and paid moderators and staff still know everything you posted is directly connected to you, and this information is collected and forever stored, and one day most certainly will come back to haunt you. Once you post on Quora, that is connected to you, personally, forever.

Also, if you accidentally post something personal as not anonymous, you are SOL.

6 You have to use a real photograph of yourself on the Quora post

You have to use a real photograph of yourself on the Quora post
Why Quora Sucks Not only is this a massive violation of privacy, but what if you don't have any good headshots of yourself? What if you are not photogenic, or what if you are simply unattractive? This will create an unwanted bias which can be damaging to your online reputation. Moreover, it is a massive violation of privacy, and will prevent you from writing some answers that you actually believe because you are afraid that it may portray you in a bad light.

So you keep quiet or tone down your posts, and as a result the quality of the entire site is degraded and unfairly biased. If they don't believe your headshot is you or is not good enough, they will suspend your account asking for more privacy invasion personal identification, and possibly delete your account and all your hard work.

Please note that they say you don't have to use your real photo. But if you don't soon your account will become suspended and they will demand even more privacy violating identity verifications. One of these verifications can and does include a picture of yourself. They want to make sure they know exactly who you are in real life. Which is completely none of their business, because you don't know anything about the "moderator" who you are sending all your personal information to.

5 Quora creates, wants, and panders to tyrannical moderators

Quora creates, wants, and panders to tyrannical moderators
Why Quora Sucks You can be banned for anything. Your posts can be deleted without cause or reason by any moderator who simply disagrees with you. If you aren't a liberal, you won't have an account on Quora for long. You'll be quickly banned.

They might let you waste a bunch of time first before deleting all your content you worked hard for and banning you forever just because they don't agree with your political perspective, or because they want you to give them a copy of your ID and other violations of personal privacy.

4 Quora is extremely unpopular

Quora is extremely unpopular
Why Quora Sucks Quora likes to say they are popular. This is not true at all. Quora is probably one of the most unpopular websites on the internet. In fact, millions of people hate Quora with a passion. The only reason anyone even visits the site is by accident because they were browsing the web for something and then accidentally came on Quora by clicking a result in their web search.

Why is Quora ranked in search engines? It has nothing to do with popularity. It has to do with the fact that they keep posting so much new stupid questions and stupid answers from their teams of writers who are the main ones using the website (not actual visitors), and large amounts of content and being regularly updated is favored by the search engines, despite the fact that it is an extremely unpopular website that most of the internet wants to die and stop showing up in their web searches.

3 What you write is not yours, and probably will be changed against your will

What you write is not yours, and probably will be changed against your will
Why Quora Sucks The tyrannical and unethical Quora moderators hurt all their contributors who are spending their time and energy for free, essentially acting as unpaid employees, by changing your very content, your questions and answers. Any moderator who disagrees or just doesn't like what you wrote is allowed to completely rewrite your questions and answers to their liking and there is nothing you can do about it.

Not only is this an ethical violation because your content is essentially your only payment for the time you spent writing on the site, but also it is potentially damaging to you and is a personal violation against contributors, because they can change your question to mean something you never intended to ask, or they can change your answers to portray views that do not line up with your personal views.

Then for example your employer one day is browsing the internet and reads a Quora answer you wrote - because after all it has your real name and a picture of you next to it - and hates what you wrote. But he doesn't know that that isn't what you wrote at all, that is what some moderator completely twisted out of context when they rewrote your question against your will.

2 Quora reveals everything you have read on the website to the public

Quora reveals everything you have read on the website to the public
Why Quora Sucks Not only does creepy Quora reveal your real name and personal information to the public telling the entire would your views and values and severely damaging your personal privacy, but also it reveals everything you have ever read on Quora!

Since it is a question and answer website, and because it comes up in your web browsing searches, if you accidentally clicked a web result for Quora when you were searching for "how to cure athlete's foot", now this embarrassing fact is permanently connected to your real name for the entire world to see. This is a massive violation of privacy that goes even further than many other privacy violating sites.

1 Quora pollutes internet searches on mobile devices

Quora pollutes internet searches on mobile devices
Why Quora Sucks Since Quora demands registration in order to even read the content, it really screws up your internet searches pushing actually good information off the first page of your web search.

This is even more problematic when it comes to mobile devices, because on a mobile device you can't manually remove the overlays like you can on a desktop if you are computer savvy. Instead, you have to just push the back button on your mobile browser and you can't even read the content on a mobile device.

So in essence, it is clear that on multiple levels, Quora is basically a site which wants tons of people to work for them without pay, and without even the sole benefit to be able to express their own personal views and ask the questions they want to.

After all, who wants to ask embarrassing questions that might help other people but will be forever connected to you personally, both your real name and real picture of you? Do you really want the world to know that you don’t know how to cook a chicken, or that your wife cheated on you and you don’t know what to do about it? Of course not.

And what if you got divorced? Well you can’t use this site to ask people how to recover from it unless you also want the world knowing you are getting divorced. What if you are a recovering alcoholic? Internet forums are a great way to anonymously get other recovering addicts to help you recover without revealing to your employer and the world that you are struggling with alcoholism. These and many other scenarios are excellent ways to utilize an anonymous question and answer forum, but Quora has designed a system that prevents anyone from getting real help. Quora is not a safe haven! It is a very dangerous haven for anyone who is seeking help for anything, big or small.

So you can’t use the site to ask the most important questions, express opinions, find out real and unbiased information that is useful to your life, add your valuable contributions, or build your online reputation, all the things that you are supposed to be able to do on a question and answer site and which is the entire reason for its existence, because the entire website is designed to hurt its contributors and portray a biased viewpoint on every topic.

So it is clear that Quora sucks very badly. I really hope that the site dies a quick death, sooner rather than later. I also really hope that whoever is funding the site wakes up and realizes the truth behind this horrible website and pulls their funding, so that the owners of Quora can stop profiting off ruining the internet and harming people’s lives by violating their privacy.

Undercover Investigation

Update: I created an account on Quora and over the past couple weeks I made a couple hundred posts. Most of them valuable replies and comments, a few not so much. I wanted to check to see if anything as changed, so I went undercover.

As expected, they have now blocked my profile saying it violates the “real name” policy. However, the name I used isn’t a particularly odd-sounding name.


I wanted to further the undercover operation by seeing what kind of sensitive documents they demand in order to post on their free website, but the link goes to a contact form which is broken. It is just a white page. This shows very poor programming. You can see for yourself at

I tested in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer. I even tried accessing the contact form using a different IP address from a different geographic location, but no luck. Currently, the website is broken. It also has some major bugs such as deleting comments is not possible since it gives a white transparent overlay but the delete comment is missing.

If they do fix this major website bug, I will continue by updating this post with screenshots of the full sensitive personal information they demand from me in order to participate on their free website. It’s free because they profit from selling your personal information.

And they delay blocking you until you contributed quite a bit to the website so that you are emotionally invested in the website and more likely to concede to their demands for your personal information that they are not entitled to. Moreover, depending on what they demand, it may be illegal.

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48 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why Quora Sucks And Deserves To Die A Quick Death

  1. I can hardly imagine having such an aversion to people I’ve never met. The people are so annoying. In medicine, it’s termed “bedside manner”. What they mean when they say things like that, is “You are a fuc*ing idiot. We can’t say those words, because you and the rest of the SJW pu**ies won’t be able to work in the morning, and I care about my coffee a hell of alot more than I your feelings. You know what? I’ll bet, that if you did things that you were proud of, your experiences in the world would be much different. Your friends and family probably wouldn’t even have to lie for you”. That’s probably what they meant, though…

  2. Great article! It’s funny how a “public forum” like quora can censure and distort what people say and still seem a source of veracity and intellect. I found this article because a statement attributed to a quora writer was total bull sh*t and I was curious who funds this web-rag. That seems to be a national security question…hahaha. Thanks for the breakdown of quora’s many shortcomings.

    • I was doing some research reagarding hiring blacklists the other day. Although it is common knowledge among HR that blacklists exist, and even some states regulate these blacklists, as can be found from almost any source, on Quora every answer is completely uninformed and calls it “some mythical blacklist” vehemently denying the existence of “any blacklist” and trying to make the asker look stupid. Obviously, all those are false because hiring blacklists most certainly exist. Quora answers simply cannot be trusted, and you cannot get any valid information from any of the answers on there.

  3. People who answer questions or give advice on Quora are quite often opinionated without being educated on the topic they are so eager to discuss. This is annoying but also can be dangerous, depending on what the topic is and who is taking this bogus info seriously.

  4. seems dead to me. Most questions whatever it is I search on Google all come with only 1 or 2 answers. Most have none. BUT if it’s a hate Trump thread or a thread designed to be one sided against him then it’s the most popular thread ever! IT’S DA BST!

    I think people are bored with phone apps as most of them suck especially if you are used to a computer and the news stares at you in the face. Phone people generally don’t give two flying F’ks about privacy.

  5. I use Quora regularly for past time. Some comments here are correct. It annoys me deeply that when a popular Quoran only farts, he gets thousands of upvotes already.

    But this guy above here who complained that he was more or less accused of being homofobic and then uses the word “***” all the time… come on please. Freedom of speech is great, but keep it decent.

    And then the people complaining about atheism. If this is a field of interest you have highlighted, sure you get the idea that it is all about atheism. I had really nice discussions with christians, muslims or hindus, who were able to accept criticism and who were perfectly able to keep a discussion going without fingerpointing or quoting passages of the bible or quran.

    • If freedom of speech doesn’t let you say whatever you want, even if it is offensive, then it is not freedom of speech. If he wants to namecall, he is allowed, that is the very “freedom” in freedom of speech, that no one is restricting what you say.

      If you say “freedom of speech as long as you follow these rules”, or “freedom of speech as long as what you say is nice and doesn’t offend me or someone else”, then it is not freedom of speech. If you think restricting freedom of speech is freedom of speech, you have missed the entire point of freedom of speech.

      In regards to religious dialog, you cannot have a religious discussion if you refuse to hear the religious standpoint they have; and as almost every religion is based on a sacred text (including atheism which is based on sacred textbooks which they defend with religious veracity even in the face of being completely unfounded or false), if you are unwilling to hear about their sacred book then you are unwilling to dialog with that religion.

  6. I enjoyed using Quora for about a year. I was happy about a year ago when a post I made was moderated as not being nice and respectful. Apparently someone had reported my post and they had not looked at it but simply deleted it. I appealed because what that complainer said was not nice were quotes from Ben Franklin and Thomas Paine used to support an answer that was about Islam. I argued that to delete my post was to effectively agree with the complainer that those great minds were racist and inappropriate (nothing could be further from the truth), A few days later I received an apology and the answer was reinstated. So great it works.

    Lately however I have found that any report even a spurious one results in the post being removed and the appeal is always upheld without explanation just a repeat of the Be Nice policy. The last time was another Muslim complainer who objected to me calling Mohammed an illiterate peasant which of cause he was, I also made reference to him personally murdering 700 Jews a crime against humanity. This has gotten me banned without appeal.

    I could change my email its easy for me as I have a URL and can create as many Email address as I like but I won’t because I now realise this is not a discussion site but rather a site for leftist liberals and religious right wingers. It has become everything is tried not to be and has effectively allowed itself to be hijacked by some really nasty people with more than a little bit of ulterior motives.

  7. Quora would like you to think it is some magical crowd source of answers. The unfortunate reality is that is is just another left wing snowflake echo chamber. Anything not in lockstep agreement with the current San Francisco Newthink violates “be respectful, be nice” plicy automatically and gets any non leftists banned. Fact free vitriol and sedition from leftists is fine on Quora, responding with facts no matter how well supported is “not nice”.

  8. Great post, John. But you missed one reason: Quora doesn’t require — or even encourage — citations.
    Therefore, it does not encourage people to consult sources or verfiy facts before answering. Most of the answers are just “off the top of my head” garbage.

    Any answer without a citation that refers to empircal facts is either eye-witness testimony or hearsay.
    But if I ask a question about the US Civil War or the Big Bang, I’m really unlikely to get an answer from
    an eye-witness. 🙂

    A Quora answer is allowed to stand if it sound convincing–not because it’s facts are true. Quora is sophistry,
    not science. It’s not about being correct, it’s about *sounding* correct–and being in the majority. Can 100
    idiots be wrong? You bet they can!

    You can’t establish the temperature of a room by taking a vote. You need a thermometer.

    The least an answerer can do is to indicate who’s word he is taking; cite his sources. Otherwise, it’s just a personal opinion. You know what they say about opinions….

  9. Hello, I’m from Italy. I wrote on Quora for two months and today I made the decision to delete my account.
    I was never rude to anyone, yet I got two e mails with accusations of violation on their terms of policy.
    Quora is full of troll questions about Italians, it’s full of people who write LIES about us and they’re very rude. They write a lot of untrue, unfounded things about our habits, culture, they write false things about Italian men and women, they created an Italy which doesn’t exists, and if I dare to reply they have written false things, the rude one is me…their moderators have threatened me two times to delete my account because I’m rude, while I’ve never insulted anyone.
    Quora sucks, and it’s full of ignorant, envious, stupid people.

  10. I found your site after they sent me the “real name” violation. You’re telling me they want a picture of myself too? Screw that. They can see my Google picture. My real name is Alfred E. Neuman.

  11. OHHHH Quora SUCKS! Their idiot mods, hidden an answer I wrote, that was mildly popular, APPARENTLY because I write to well. They said it was without attribution. How do I attribute something that was written off of the top of my head was my appeal. They posted a link to some tards VERY TURDY website which reblogged my answer on thier site ATTRIBUTING THE ANSWER TO ME VIA QUORA. I pointed that out to the dummy mods. SILENCE. Screw Quora and that lil nerdy turd who runs it.

  12. I’m surprised that the most glaring reason that Quora sucks is not given: The people suck (mostly).

    About 20% of the people post their putative intelligence quotients, which is at least as dubious as it is annoying. But the real issue are the many who post derisive comments to “one up” others to respond or to belittle a person posing an honest question. It’s like, “Get a life, yo!” And it’s not like 90% of these people qualify to be Albert Einstein’s drinking buddy — more the stuff you’d expect to read from someone who just figured out how to self-publish on Amazon.

  13. I responded to a comment made by some ignorant PHD economist that is clearly Keynesian in their own liberal philosophy and my account was banned by them for their lack or will to accept my point of view as legitimate as they cannot identify my name and address. There is no justified action in this as they just didn’t like the facts I pointed out about how badly Keynesian policy had put the US economy and debt in while lowering interest rates to create a false economic stimulus that is not sustainable by constantly doing the same thing until you cannot lower interest anymore and come up with printing money called quantitative easing.

    Because they did not like these facts in my response to this and couldn’t dispute them they attacked my account as being fake.Forget Quora. They serve no purpose whatsoever. They are the fake ones that flake out once they find something they disagree with. I have been using the same email address I used there for something like 3 decades on the web now that is considered by them as a fake address and fake account too. I have been using that address longer than google has existed.

    I will never visit that site for anything ever again.

    • Thank you for your comments regarding the fallacies of Keynesian economics and the detriments to American economy as a result. We should have never strayed from Classical economics. Sure, classical economics could not prevent the Great Depression, but while that only lasted a few years, and all the rest of the classical economic years were successful, look where Keynesian economics has gotten us – a Great Recession, century-long disaster, over 20 trillion in debt, more than half the U.S. unemployed, and many other problems that would have never occurred under a classical economic system.

  14. A few points:
    1. I identify as left wing – and yet I got banned from Quora ( Apparently, people got offended at a history question I asked – even though I was using the question to come up with a rebuttal against historyrevisionists.
    2. Quora is an incredibly effective learning tool. During my time there, I talked to so many people whose knowledge of the world took off in only a few days of using Quora.
    3. The main flaw of the moderators is not that they’re too strict
    4. Yes, I agree that it is a bad idea for Quora to force starting users to select “interests”. However, once your account is up and running, you have every right to remove these “interests”.

  15. YES. Quora does all this and more. I have a moderately normal name yet I was blocked under that ‘real name policy’. They asked me to prove that’s my real name. Darn it’s Alan…… nothing fake looking about it. and wanted me to give two other websites where I use that name, including Facebook and Google+. NOW they are linked to my account in a way I did NOT agree to when “proving” myself…… Which would be fine because I stick to my words but then I noticed that they can edit my questions and answers into something I did NOT say…..

    They’ve banned other people I was following also and didn’t see anything that should really have gotten them banned.

    Shoot Quora, Let the conversations flow. If someone asks a question (no matter how stupid) let people answer without fear of being edited or banned……

  16. I joined to get some quick surveys for simple psycological questions for a university discussion. Questions like: Would you save one 20 year old or two 80 year olds? Would you save a two year old or a two week old? Would you sacrifice one to save two? Etc. Not only did EVERYONE ignore the rules set by clearly stated hypothetical questions (eg. Oh I’d save both) the majority of them were openly attacking the people who asked these questions. If these questions were so offensive to you, then why read them, why answer? In the end they’re just harmless questions, no one is going to make them happen in real life. Or why not just say “I’d flip a coin” or “I couldn’t choose” instead of calling the questioner a horrible heartless person who clearly hates people. It was just absolute idiocy.

  17. I am a liberal and I hate Quora. I used Quora back in the early days to ask questions about technology, and it was useful as it catered more to a techie crowd back then. Now it has evolved into a massive cesspool of crappy “content” by their “Top writers”. In quotes because those guys are simply self-centered losers who don’t know anything, spend their whole day behind the keyboard copying and pasting cool looking pics from other websites into their “article”, then get upvotes from each other so they can circle jerk. One time I simply pointed out a factual mistake from a “Top Writer” and got banned. Seriously, they don’t know any basic facts or common sense, but will ban anyone who dares point out that out. It is just a site where idiots with too much time on their hands can go feel good about themselves.

    That alone would be whatever, not like I give a crap, but the more serious problem is that the site actively promotes communist propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party. There must be some kind of arrangement going on because they are the only “American” website not blocked in China, at the time there are thousands of people paid by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on Quora to promote and legitimize murders, killings, human rights abuses, genocide, destruction of religion, organ harvesting, invasion of other countries, dictatorships instead of democracy, and all types of crimes committed by China. Most likely the CCP promises Quora significant traffic on the site, so their numbers and data can look good to their investors – as long as you cater to communist propaganda.

    I am not making this up myself, so see Mitchell Langbert’s comment above.

  18. Yup – “creepy” is indeed the word. Like AnnoyedAf, I also eventually signed up just to read a dratted post. First of all, if you sign in using your existing Google profile, quora wants to “manage your contacts”. Say what now? Why? Why do you need access to the contact, address, birthday, anniversary, professional information and profile pictures of the people in my contacts list? My logical guess: so that you’re not just violating my little old privacy, but the privacy of everyone I’ve ever spoken to through my google account as well.

    So I googled “why does quora need to manage your contacts”, and the first few results (yes, quora results!) advises signing up with your email instead, so as to avoid making too much information available. Alright, that seems like an acceptable option, I thought. Only, when I finally got back to the post which I had wanted to read, I found that darn “real name policy” in my face. Uhhhm, no, quora, calling something a “policy” does not actually make something valid. All it does is intimidate people into complying, because “policy” sounds so authoritative and, depending on how it’s used, threatening. I had actually planned to respond to the post, but thank goodness I saw that link to the “policy” before doing so.

    I was immediately incensed into googling “I hate quora”, and now here I am, responding to this post instead, which I 100% agree with!
    Thanks, TechReader, for letting me comment and upvote without stalking me like an information-stealing creep!

  19. I am not a conservative, but didn’t you notice why Quora is red and aren’t you aware that Quora is a paradise of pseudo-intellectual narcissists who love imposing the politically correct?

    Quora is a leftist and liberal site.

    Beware, Quora is a site full of narcissists. Almost every atheist, feminist, fa** and liberal of Quora is absolutely narcissistic, it doesn’t matter if you are conservative, liberal or fa*, anyway you’ll be victim of narcissists. Do you know why you’ll be victim?

    Because every narcissist, principally atheists, fa**, and liberals, do not accept to be contradicted, feel offended with your ironic, neutral and polemical answers and questions. They come to report you falsely for homophobia, racism and xenophobia, to humiliate you. As they are humiliating you, they will get thousands of upvotes. As they are earning many upvotes and many followers as they can, they become increasingly arrogant, egoistic and narcissistic. I analysed every profile of them, I analysed every answers and questions of them. I concluded that they are narcissists but ALSO covert psychopaths and sociopaths.

    Most of top writers with higher number of followers and upvotes are more arrogant, egoistic and narcissistic.

    As a result, an atheist historian has been banned from Quora because he has been falsely accused of plagiarism and violating Quora policies… By atheists, fa** and liberals. Do you know why? They are narcissists. It is called Quora’s politically correct.

    Observe that there are no human moderators. The humans report your neutral and skeptical answers and questions, Quora robots hear quickly and delete quickly without distinguishing and thinking twice. Robots with artificial intelligence are not intelligent because they are not sentient. Quora robots are similar to the robots of Exterminator films. They are anti-human. Who controls totally Quora are robots granted to access by CEO, developers and managers.

    As for me, I have criticised severely liberals, I have been reported for xenophobia and I have got many warnings. Guess who has reported me… A pseudo-intellectual narcissistic fa** who has defended homophobic liberals… Ironically, in his profile, he did a lot of racist comments… Crazy narcissists, aren’t they?

    I criticised three conservatives and I have been reported by… By liberals… Do you know why? they downvoted and reported me to please the conservatives, so they would earn many upvotes. Therefore, they are narcissists.

    I criticised feminists for ableism (I mean they discriminated the handicapped babies) and fa** for racism and xenophobia (I mean they minimised the 3rd world countries where they can marry). They couldn’t support that. They have reported falsely me for homophobia and sexism. Funny, in their profile, they did a lot of racist and xenophobic comments. Why? Because they are narcissists.

  20. Forced registration is more than enough reason for me to skip that site. Also it seems there is only spam there and nonsense religious posts.
    Google brings them up quite often lately…

  21. Here’s a good cautionary tale. My teenage daughter accused me last night of cheating on her dad. I googled all kinds of articles about how to deal delicately with such a situation, and Quora showed up. Never heard of it before. I signed up thoughtlessly, and checked out articles with extremely incriminating titles such as “Should you tell your kids about your affair?” etc. Today to my horror my email account showed me my two new Quora “followers” a very close family friend, and uncle to my husband. Not the easiest time deleting this account either, frustrating. Says finally “your Quora account will take up to 14 days to delete”. WTF? This is the worst example of internet privacy breaching I’ve ever seen personally. Stay away! I know, I deserve it, but whatever. Let thee without sin cast the first cyber-stone….

  22. I am still banned from Quora because they falsely accused me of plagiarism when I did not plagiarize.

    I sent them a email I didn’t plagiarize and I think I was falsely accused by people who didn’t like my Christians and conservative answers or just didn’t like me.

    I also assumed they thought I violated the be nice policy, because I warned people that Muhammad said ” kill all unbelievers”, ” women are like domestic animals” and I warned people, that people who try to obey the Quran are killing people. I said I am being nice to warn people.

    So, I sent a nice message to Quora and said I was not violating the ” be nice policy”, that I was being nice by warning people about that, and if I tell people that the writers of the Quran said in the Quran to ” beat your wives” ( yes, says “beat your wives” and women willingly follow this religion, I know they were brainwashed but they are adults now, they can escape that religion) that won’t be violating the be nice policy.

    I also told Quora that people who obey the Quran “are murdering women, Christians, Jews, and Liberals, yes college educated Liberals. That means moderators of Quora … “are in potential danger of those people.”

    I sent them another message that is slander to falsely accuse someone of plagiarism and it’s against the law to slander and then punish someone for plagiarism they did not do and “tacky at best.” Then I told them, I’m starting a blog.

    When I start a blog I plan on saying all the Christians and pro Jesus Christ and YHWH things I want. On my blog I plan on saying all the conservative things I want and I will say all the lies written in Quran and say they are lies. Dear Quora, tough!

  23. Part of the reason our country is in trouble is because the liberal islam-sympathizers who have not picked up a Qur`an and read the thing and read that Muhammad lied to followers and told them to kill unbelievers of ‘allah’, say islamophobia! when you try to warn people about that.

    Would female liberals go to the middle east BY THEMSELVES in their pantsuits to islam-dominated countries where they arrest women for wearing pants, stone women to death for walking with a man she’s not married to or related to, where ” honor killings” prevail, where followers of Sharia Law murder people who are Christians, infidels of ‘allah’, and people who are also LIBERALS? No, I didn’t think so.

  24. I joined quora and typed my answers.

    I quoted Jesus Christ and I said Jesus Christ said that and I used ” ” and I put links where people can find where Jesus Christ said that.

    Quora falsely accused me of plagiarism and banned me for a week. Falsely accusing someone of plagiarism is lying.

    I typed back to Quora why I did not plagiarize and that I was falsely accused of plagiarism because they don’t like that I believe in Jesus Christ and in God. It is religious discrimination.

    Those on quora who didn’t like my Christian belief, non-liberal answers so they falsely accused me of plagiarism to make my answers go away.

  25. John– have you ever noticed the “who told ’em off best” competitive threads?

    Followed by many renditions of what an awful person they are, with everyone’s own personal little touch at how clever they were at putting them down. You can almost imagine them licking their lips as they begin to type.

    I get sassing some lost soul on the net. I won’t lie, I’ve done it. But 200 people? At some point, it becomes obvious forum frequent flyer muscles are being flexed, and sincerity has been lost. It’s a mob and it isn’t pretty.

    I recognize the structural weak points you have mentioned but in all honesty, what did it for me is the amounts of smug people, finger wagging greedily at all un-PC, filthy in their status quo accepted manners.

    I had found a handful of genuine and intelligent souls. Unfortunately between bans and edit blocks, you only have time to get endeared by a soul and they are gone or muzzled.

    So yeah… account now deactivated. Thanks for the write-up btw I enjoyed to read 🙂

  26. I participated in Quora for several months. As a libertarian, I was mostly conversing with libertarian youngsters. (I teach at CUNY in New York City.) However, at one point I responded with vigor to someone who rationalized the mass murder history of the Chinese government. I was told that my response violated Quora’s community standards. I asked them whether my telling them that they should go f*ck themselves violated their community standards, and I closed my account. Quora is indeed a left-only site, and I discourage involvement with it.

  27. I left Quora after 3 years leaving behind over 3k answers and 3k followers. When I joined Quora it was a place where people could go to exchange ideas and information. Unfortunately, it has morphed into a wordier version of Facebook. It has become an elitist popularity contest were people care more about reading other people’s campfire stories about their personal lives but posting pictures of their cats.

    Worse yet, we’re more and more questions along the lines of, “What does *insert popular Quoran’s name here* think about “X”. Said Quoran would then answer and receive dozens of upvotes and comments remarking how insightful the individual was. It was sickening. The bottom line is, with Quora facts cannot compete with fluff.

  28. I fully agree with this article.
    I was banned for a week with many Supposed violations just for telling the liberals the truth about their (religion) democratic party. Then I got totally banned and the reason why was left BLANK, in other words they had no reason other than the web site is for liberal politics only.

  29. Quora… When I first signed up, I thought it was a well planned and visually appealing platform to voice my thoughts to the questions of others. Like you I have become aware that thanks to their snowflake protective policy, it is nothing more than a global circle #*erk for liberal propaganda.

  30. Basically just the worst ever. Stumbled onto it many times by accident. For once decided to just sign up to get one answer. Lost the page I came through, try to get it back by typing it out… instead it posted it as a new question. Hi everyone. Feeling super exposed. Try to delete question or deactivate account. No such setting on my new account to be found. I looked. I hope it dies.

  31. Quora is a product of the Regressive Left Bubble World that is Silicon Valley. Not only does it just slash and burn the accounts of conservatives, but also other liberals who aren’t the “right kind” of liberal. A wonderful site if you’re looking to join a circle jerk with Prius driving feminists, with their iPhones and PETA Tees.

    Your point about the moderation is hugely understated. During my own time using the site, I’ve seen Quora mods practically lynch a non-feminist for an answer within an hour of it being posted, and yet, when I reported a user for sexually propositioning an underage girl, it took them more than a week to take any action over it. The moderators only really care about coddling their power users.

    Also, Marc Bodnick is a neckbeareded c***, with all the moral fiber of a trust fund brat. Still, at least if he successfully monetizes Quora, he’ll be able to afford to buy himself a spine and a thicker skin.

  32. There is one thing I feel you missed. Quora creates intellectual elitism. Why? You music ask the “right” questions to get views and not edited or moderated. You must also move in the “right” circle to get meaningful answers. Paired with needing an account for usage, it creates an atmosphere of elitism, where only the individuals who conform to a narrow subset are able to answer or give meaningful feedback. Quora panders to an elitist mentality. Use the stackoverflow range of freely available question answer sites for anything from religion, linguistics, computer science, mathematics, philosophy, etc. It’s free and open with realistic moderator support.

  33. Quora is crappy, yes, but it doesn’t require your real name nor a picture. The main thing I find wrong with Quora is most of the questions asked are silly, but I think a lot of people on Quora are just trying to be funny.

    • Actually it does require your real name which needs to be verified with a real ID, and a real picture of yourself. If you don’t put your real name and real picture, you will waste a couple months writing tons of content which will all be completely deleted once some moderator disagrees with you and decides to put your account into suspension requiring your real name on your government-issued ID, ID verification, and a real picture of yourself. If you don’t give it all of your content will be deleted forever. So yes, you do need to provide that. You don’t need to provide it to create an account, no, but if you intend to really sue the site and post any opinions which don’t promote liberalism, then your account will quickly get deleted. Keep in mind that any dissenting posts can and will be deleted even if you did verify your account however. They just won’t terminate your account if you used your real name, real picture and provided them with a copy of your government ID. All of which is a huge violation of privacy.

  34. When a Quora member answered a question about religion saying all religion is about love, and Islam is all about peace, I responded with a link to a Youtube video showing a hall full of Western European Muslims who all agreed (by show of hands) that adulterers and homosexuals should be killed. The person speaking was saying how they are just normal Muslims and not extremist in the least bit.

    My comment was deleted and I was flagged for a hateful comment, and told I would be banned if it happened again.
    That was the last straw of dealing with the moderators who can’t tell the difference between hate speech and pointing out reality. I deleted all my own questions (and over wrote them first) and deleted my account. Quora’s moderators are the perfect example of the worst idiocy the far left has to offer.



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