The U.S. Military Wastes $8 Billion Tax Dollars Building a Single Nuclear Warhead, Plans To Spend Another $100 Billion More To Make More

The military is at it again, flagrant and outlandish wasting of money paid for by hard working Americans, all of whom had zero say in the matter and most if not all who would never agree to this use of their tax money. You can see the worker above wincing at the thought of the $8 billion dollars, which includes half of his salary, being spent on this weapon of mass... read more

Woot Posted a $299 PlayStation 4 Deal, It Sold Out Instantly!

The best deal we have seen all year! Sadly, it sold out before I had a chance to even visit the link! I got a newsletter to my email for this $299.99 PS4 deal just 1 hour ago, and it is already sold out! It's not a wonder, however. This is the best deal we've seen since the PlayStation 4 release! Stay tuned though, because with the PS4 currently selling for around $329... read more

PS4 DLNA Support Update: Works, Barely, But Very Disappointing, UI Is Okay But Lacks Required Features

So I picked up another PS4 today after returning my first one last year when it had no DLNA, because PS4 now has DLNA support. However, I was very disappointed to discover how bad the DLNA is on the PS4. Let's go into some details into why PlayStation 4 DLNA streaming it is inferior and terrible in comparison to the PS3 DLNA streaming. 1 Bright blue screen is... read more

DVR TV Coming To The Xbox One?

Finally a Xbox update I can truly appreciate. Whenever I boot up my Xbox One, two thoughts quickly race to my mind. 1. What game should I play and 2, is there an update waiting for me? While the first question does require a little bit of thought before finally settling on Madden 25, the second question usually causes me great worry and suffrage. Despite my... read more

HBO’s New Anti Piracy Measure Doesn’t Make Much Sense

Trying but not succeeding. That is the best way to describe HBO's current efforts to cut down on piracy, as the company has announced that they are no longer giving reviewers DVD copies of their TV shows and movies. The companies new anti piracy policy seems miniscule, but is said by many to be a shift in how people will be trusted with HBO's upcoming content. The... read more

Spotify and Starbucks Announce New In Store Partnership

The job of a barista at Starbucks just got a little more intense. Not only are barista's tasked with making coffee, maintaining a positive attitude and keeping things running smoothly at their stores, but now they must also pick the music as well. Well they don't have to, but a new deal between Starbucks and the music site, Spotify, will allow  Starbucks employees and... read more

Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) Finally Gets First Big Price Drop, More To Come!

If you haven’t already heard, Sony officially released a statement saying that today, October 9th, PlayStation 4, the highly desired upgrade to the PlayStation 3, has gotten its first official price drop. Previously at $400 ($399.99), the PS4 is now $50 cheaper at only $350 ($349.99)! For our northern friends in Canada, they will also receive a smaller... read more

Microsoft’s New 2015 Bing Maps Update Redesign May Have Just Won The Maps War

Ever since Google forced their new terrible Google Maps onto the world, millions of people have been looking for a way out. The only real competitor besides Apple Maps which isn't available on PC desktops or non-iOS devices is Bing Maps, but Bing Maps still wasn't better than even the new Google Maps, at least not from my experience. However, this may all be about to... read more

Windows 10 Has Officially Been Released, and Looks Very Promising With Awesome New Features, A Huge Improvement Over the Terrible Windows 8

It has been a long time coming, but Windows 8 is finally dead and gone and Windows 10 is officially here. People buying new computers and laptops soon will no longer have to worry about buying Windows 8 versions, as Windows 8 is finally phased out for good and replaced with Windows 10 at last. A Brief Windows 8 History Microsoft forced Windows 8 on the world,... read more

PS4 Finally Adds DLNA Support and MP3 Streaming Option

If you've done like I have, you have googled every couple months looking to see if Sony ever completed the missing DLNA feature for the PS4. In fact, I returned my PS4 when I learned it did not have DLNA. Well, Sony has finally heard us. Just a couple weeks ago, Sony finally completed and officially released the new DLNA feature. It is not automatically integrated but... read more