Can Humans Sense Sharks In The Water Before It’s Too Late?

We all know that when we see a shark fin, or the silhouette of a shark below the boat, it means there is a shark in the water. That much is obvious. However, what about if you can’t see the fin or silhouette? Is it possible to predict if there is a shark in the water?

I believe there is certainly a possibility, but without some well-performed and difficult to achieve double-blind studies, it would be impossible to answer for sure. However, we can analyze some possibilities to see if it is possible or not.

Perhaps it is possible that your subconscious mind which has access to the finer senses, like being able to hear things which are too soft to consciously hear but that your subconscious mind can process the information, or such as a slight shadow underwater that you don’t consciously pick up but your subconscious mind recognizes, can alert you to the presence of a shark.


Under this logic then it is within the realm of possibility that perhaps someone, especially someone who is more attuned to dangers lurking underwater (such as a surfer or diver, for example), might be able to sense a nearby shark due to picking up on subtle sensory input that is too subtle to consciously detect but which their subconscious mind can detect and as a result will, upon sensing danger, will send fear signals to the brain resulting in effectively “sensing” the shark even though you did not consciously hear or see it.

So what are the possibilities of being able to sense a shark? First we must ask how are you sensing the shark. There are only the following ways to sense the shark:

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Theoretical sensing of electromagnetic energy
  • Theoretical sensing of energy unknown to science
  • Supernaturally divined knowledge/sense (such as a message or feeling given by God)
  • Hypothetical/theoretical 6th sense (clairvoyance, other supernatural senses)

So by one or more of these ways, it is potentially possible to detect/sense a nearby shark, even if you have not directly seen or heard the shark.

ocean waves

Additionally, there is another factor. Especially someone like a surfer or diver who is well tuned to the conditions of the ocean/sea, some people may be possible to have a red flag go up that a shark is nearby due to various conditions.

For example, perhaps on a subconscious level a person realizes, although not consciously, that certain weather conditions, or times of day, or other environmental factors, are the optimal conditions for a shark, which could subsequently cause the subconscious to send a signal to the person’s brain saying to get out of the water because a shark might be nearby.

For an illustration, consider you are in the woods deep in the forest, you don’t notice the birds stopped chirping but your subconscious does, you know something is wrong so you get a sense of danger. And there is a bear or wolf nearby. So you sensed the danger based on environmental factors.

green forest quiet

Likewise, perhaps seagulls flew away and the fish left, and even though you didn’t consciously notice because it is a subtle change, your subconscious noticed and alerted you that something is wrong. So you can detect a potential nearby shark in this manner.

Another condition along the same lines is perhaps your subconscious, especially for a person more in tune with the ocean, might sense blood or some other sense not directly relating to the shark, but that could cause a shark to be nearby. And likewise the subconscious sends a signal to the brain as a result of this subconscious sensory analysis and says they may be danger nearby.

Or perhaps humans have some ability to detect electromagnetic energy that is currently unknown to science, which allows people to detect the presence of a shark’s energy. If so, then it would be likely that people who are more familiar with live sharks in person (such as someone who works at an aquarium), would have a better chance at detecting the shark then someone random, since they are familiar with the sharks’ electromagnetic energy signature. Of course, this possibility is merely conjecture, so this is just a theory which is not currently backed by science as far as I know. I kind of just came up with this myself.

deep ocean sharks

There is also certainly a possibility that God may send a person a message or a feeling that causes them to get out of the water due to some unknown fear, and this would be completely supernatural, not the subconscious detection of a natural sense. Perhaps it was not your time, or God wanted to save you from some great trauma. Who known why and how God works, because the Creator of the world (God) is mysterious to us mere humans.

Or perhaps you have a sixth sense, an ability to sense the beyond, or predict the future or other clairvoyant aptitude. Personally, I don’t believe such things exist, beyond spiritual gifts given by God. This last one is potentially in the realm of fantasy.

So there are many ways that you can sense a shark, and any of the above things are possibilities – some more certain than others. However, you cannot rely for certain on anything other than your conscious mind. If you see a shark fin or silhouette, get out of the water. Keep awareness of other swimmers if you are at the ocean, so you can see if another swimmer starts to freak out then you better get out of the water.

sharks ocean swimmers

If you feel a rough skin brush by your leg, it is time to get out of the water. And lastly, don’t go into deep water or the open ocean unless you are highly trained and have a good reason for being there (such as ocean research). These are the surest ways to not have to sense a shark in the first place and avoid them.

Just remember one last thing: more people die from car accidents and other things every day then they do from getting bitten by sharks. In fact, sharks are magnificent, primal creatures and should be admired (and respected), not hated. Sharks do great things for the ocean’s ecosystems, and are a wonderful creation. Sharks are great, and the chances of actually encountering a shark besides at the aquarium, are slim to none, especially if you take the appropriate precautions. Hope this helps and safe swimming!

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  1. I can sense a shark when I see the fin above water ahhh!



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