Ebay Is Dead: Why Ebay Is No Longer A Viable Selling Mechanism For Selling Your Items Online

When eBay first started, it was a huge boost to the economy and small businesses everywhere. I remember as a kid hearing the adults talk about how they were able to make and sell things on ebay and how much it helped their bank account. These adults were middle-class, hard-working people on a low salary who worked a grinding low-paying 9-5 job. The job was rewarding personally, but didn’t pay well. The profits gained from ebay sales really helped them in their lives and boosted their standard of living.

A long time ago eBay was once good for small businesses

As a result, people everywhere were starting small businesses, because ebay was a viable and relatively easy and straightforward way to sell things online. Everyone from moms who made creative things, to families looking for an alternative way to unload all their things they had laying around the house, to real small businesses buying and selling things for a profit.

This all was great for buyers, too. For one thing, many things were cheaper on ebay than at the store. Buyers could buy the used version of things for a lot cheaper than a brand new item but that worked just as well. This was another boost to the economy.

Also, many things that were laying around people’s houses which was trash to them, was treasure for someone else. For some buyers, ebay was a lot like treasure hunting. For the first time, outside of yard sales which are not really respectable, buyers around the country had a new market to find unique and even rare treasures that would never have otherwise been available.


Flash forward to today. Today, the economy is in the gutter. While many, even most, people had jobs 15 to 20 years ago, today over 50% of Americans are unemployed (ignore the “6%” number that is often thrown around which is extremely deceptive and not true at all). With over half of America unemployed, many people have given up searching for jobs altogether. As a result, still needing to pay the bills, many are trying to turn to self-employment.

eBay fees are way too high

In the desire to start their own business, some of these entrepreneurs are trying out ebay for the first time. However, by the time all is said and done, they are in for an extreme disappointment.

15 years ago during ebay’s heyday, the total percentage taken out in ebay fees was a few percent. This number kept rising, but for awhile it was bearable. Today, however, after being tricked into listing a bunch of items for “free” – that is, no up-front fees for the first few items, sellers are shocked to discover that ebay alone now charges over 20% of the final selling price of the item. On top of this, if the seller offered free shipping, then shipping costs also cut into the profits. Further, there is also the paypal fees taken out which is a significant percentage of the sale – usually around 3% or so.

When the seller finally looks at their bank sheet and adds up the cost of researching the product to sell, the cost of packaging and shipping the item, and finally the near 30% – thirty percent – “fees” taken out by ebay and paypal fees, the seller is shocked to discover that for all their work and effort, they actually lost money on the sale. And this was for selling an item at more than double the purchase price.

Sellers lose money and make $0 profit on eBay


Not only did the seller actually lose money by selling on ebay, but additionally 1 or 2 months later the shady buyer then decides they don’t want the item anymore. So they file a paypal claim and say “it didn’t work” and say it was “not as described”. They do not have to provide any evidence for this. Paypal will side with the buyer 100% of the time, without any evidence to prove the buyer was being honest. Often the buyer even destroys the item and then after they broke it they said “it didn’t work” and then return it.

First, keep in mind that the buyer already lost money on the sale due to the excessive fees. Second, since the seller offered free shipping, when the item is returned, this shipping cost is lost. Third, since the buyer broke the item, the seller now cannot resell the item. On the other hand, even if they can resell the item, it is no longer a “new” item so they cannot sell at the same price, they lost the shipping cost, and on top of all this they would still have another 30% taken out in ebay and paypal fees on the re-sale of the item, and also have to pay additional shipping fees if the item sells again. But then the sketchy buyer decides to leave negative feedback on the seller even though they lied about the whole thing and got their money back fraudulently.

However, keep in mind that in the first place, the seller didn’t even make any money on the sale – in fact they lost money. Therefore, since the seller lost money at the original sale price, it makes no sense to lose even more money by re-selling the item. As a result, assuming that in this case the buyer did not destroy the item, the seller returns the item to the store where they bought it to try to recoup at least some of the cost.

In the end, after all that work, not only was all the time and energy entirely wasted, but even after returning the item to the store, the seller has lost money for all of their efforts. eBay and paypal however kept their fees. Who won here? The seller definitely did not win. The buyer did not win either. Even the original store the item was purchased at did not win because they had to take a return. The only people who won here was eBay and Paypal.

My recent 2017 experience using eBay as a seller


Here is my experience. Back in the day I did pretty well with eBay. I became a power seller and was able to make some money. Eventually however during Christmas I had a buyer buy a PlayStation, only to return it a few weeks later completely destroyed. PayPal refunded them and I lost the money. After that fraudulent return, I closed my eBay account and haven’t used them for years.

Then just recently I decided to give it another shot. I sold an electronic item which I found some on clearance at Costco for less than half of their original price. I bought them all. I spent time meticulously photographing the items, researching the going prices, and creating a detailed listing. I sold the items at over 100% of my purchase price even after taxes. I bought the items for about $50 each and was able to sell them online for $120 – which was a few dollars less than the going price on Amazon and eBay.

I even offered free shipping, counting the $20 shipping fee into the sale price so that my total sale price would be double what I paid for it. I expected eBay to charge me 10% final value fee, which I considered to be acceptable, even though exorbitant. With the knowledge and experience I had gained over the years in online things, all 5 of my items sold within 2 days.

At the end of the month, however, eBay sent me an invoice for my sales of $600 – 5 items at $120 each: $126 in fees. I was completely and utterly outraged. This came to 21% in eBay fees for the $600 in sales – and I used absolutely no additional fees like boosted items or bold listings or anything like that. And this did NOT include the PayPal fees. Moreover, despite having no paypal account connected to ebay, ebay stole the money directly out of my paypal account without any authorization whatsoever.

A month later after that, a buyer claimed that they had destroyed the product so now they want to return it. Paypal of course will side with the buyer and not request any evidence at all to their “not as described” fraudulent claim.

In the end, out of my $600 in sales, here is the breakdown:

Purchase price:
5 x $50 = -$250

Ebay fees:

Paypal fees:
5 x $3.78 = -$18.90

Shipping cost:
5 x $20 = -$100

Packaging cost (boxes):

Gas cost (driving to store):

Loss prevention (returned broken item):
-$120 (forced refund)

= $634.90 in total cost

$600 – $634.90 = -$39.90 net loss (no profit)


What did I really earn from all this effort? (Hint: Nothing.)

This negative profit does not even count the time spent. Time spent is a real factor and needs to also be calculated. I spent around 4 hours total between going to the store, doing the research, taking and editing the photos, creating the effective html listings, packaging the items individually, driving them each to the shipping store, dealing with customer service requests, etc.

How much did I make for my time? Not counting the return I made $8.75 per hour. I would have been better off getting a job at McDonald’s or Walmart rather than going through all this effort to earn less than minimum wage. But I did not even earn this due to the return. In fact I lost $39.90 from this whole ordeal. And even if I can get ebay to refund the $25 final value fee on the $120 sale, and get paypal to refund their $3.78 fee, that is $28.78. This takes my net loss to -$11.12, and I still have $0 profit.

Even IF the item was not completely destroyed and I could return it to the store for a $50 refund, then that leaves me back to +$38.88, and with 2 more additional hours spent on this ordeal (6 hours total) then my net hourly earnings from the entire ordeal would be $6.48 per hour. Ridiculous. And that is only contingent on being able to return the item to the original store as well as getting a refund of all fees. I only have a 90 day return window though, and that return window is almost up. I will likely not be able to return it meaning that I am in the hole with not only $0 profit but actually a net loss.

But wait – that is not all. There are still 4 more items out there. Now that eBay extended its return policy to 180 days, there are still 4 more months in which at any time any of these buyers can try to return the item. If that happens for each additional return I will lose an additional $120 for each return. Every return is a huge loss. Moreover, if a buyer does file a claim on another item then I will not be able to return that to the store because the 90 day return window will have closed. It will just be a further loss.

And all of this is for a sale of more than 2 times the purchase price of each item. Most items that most sellers will sell though will not be 100% profit – that is a very high margin. This means that if you don’t sell for at least 100% over the purchase value of the item you will definitely lose money – but even after that you will most certainly lose money. And even then, you are earning less than minimum wage, and even then there is no guarantee that you won’t take a big loss at any time – in fact, getting a fraudulent buyer is practically guaranteed to have a fraudulent return, because paypal will always side with the buyer and does not require any evidence. Paypal encourages fraudulent buyers.


My time is valuable. If I wanted to work for minimum wage – or for free, or even pay eBay for my work – heck I wouldn’t be selling on ebay, I would work at a restaurant or in retail in some crummy job but paying way more than selling on ebay. I don’t have time to work for ebay to earn ebay ridiculous fees all for free without earning anything myself – and actually losing money myself while ebay profits off my hard work without giving me anything in return. (Fortunately, selling on eBay is not my business, I earn money doing other things.)

Conclusion: eBay is dead.

Ebay is a leech, a parasite, scamming good hard-working people into working for ebay except not getting paid for working for ebay and not getting any benefits and not even getting to list ebay as their employer. Ebay has all these good people working for them and ebay is not paying them. It is a scam – a racket. Profiteering. Fraud. Ebay is now the scum of the earth.

This is why eBay is dead. They got so extremely greedy and raised their fees so much that sellers can no longer make any money. Using eBay is tantamount to throwing money in the trash can, and this is no exaggeration. While ebay used to be a strong economic asset helping the regular people to make some much-needed extra money, instead, today in a time where nearly 100 million working-age Americans between 15 and 64 are jobless and unemployed[SOURCE], ebay is hurting the very people it set out to help.

[SOURCE] (Sources: Only 124 million Americans are employed full-time out of a
total of 205 million working age Americans ages 15-64, leaving nearly half of working-age Americans unemployed)

The only people making money on eBay besides eBay and Paypal themselves are sellers who sell millions of dollars in revenue a year – and out of this, the profit margin is extremely small. However, for the rest of ebay users, it is no longer a place to be able to sell things online and make any money. In fact, the risk is greater than the reward, and selling something on ebay is in many cases worse than just keeping the item.

It is not even worth it to sell things laying around the house. After all the fees and shipping costs, you’ll only make a third to a quarter of the selling price, and this doesn’t account for all the time and energy you spent making the listing, packing, shipping, dealing with customer service, etc.; and that also doesn’t include what happens when the buyer either returns the item or claims they “never received it”, leaving you with not only a loss but a broken item or no item at all and even a greater loss.

You would have been better just not selling the item at all and investing your time and energy into something that really does make you money. eBay just isn’t worth it anymore, and you can’t make any money on eBay when all is said and done. Worse, you will probably end up losing money, and possibly losing the item as well.

Are there any real alternatives to eBay?


So what are the alternatives? Is there any alternative to eBay for selling online? Sadly, the answer to this is no, not really. The only viable alternative is really craigslist; however, you can only sell locally in person which extremely limits your options and your market demographic. As far as an online marketplace, there is Amazon; however, Amazon’s fees are around 15%, which, while still way better than ebay, is still very high. There are many other online marketplaces like eBid for example but none of these are viable replacements for eBay.

Etsy is another eBay replacement if you make your own unique items. However, it is not a place you can buy and sell regular things, or where you can unload all your used treasures. I personally do not have much experience with Etsy, but I have heard great things. From what I hear, the greatest challenge is getting people to actually find your things, because most sellers do not make any money on Etsy due to this issue.

As a result, if you have things you need to sell, your only real choice is to put them on craigslist. Of course, the problem with craigslist is that it is rife with scammers. Moreover, it isn’t a place you can buy and sell items, just things you can unload at a loss to cheapskates. Still, even if you took a loss, you have no worries about paypal claims, chargebacks, negative feedback, destroyed items returned, lies about “never receiving the item”, or exorbitant fees and hidden fees. With craigslist, even though your target market is much, much smaller, and even though you have to field tons of scam emails and calls, at least you know once you exchanged your item for cash in a public place, you get to keep your money and the sale is final.

eBay is dead, and they killed it with their greed. Perhaps even they did it on purpose in order to intentionally destroy the individual seller marketplace (in favor of big business), or perhaps they just didn’t give a crap about anyone but their bottom line. Whatever the reason behind it, sellers who want to actually make any money and not lose money selling online, can no longer use eBay because it is a complete and utter waste of time, money, and energy.

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17 thoughts on “Ebay Is Dead: Why Ebay Is No Longer A Viable Selling Mechanism For Selling Your Items Online

  1. I do ok on Ebay. I’ve sold there since around 2008. It used to be great, I made so much money. Now I don’t make nearly the same at all. This venue started doing stupid stuff right from the start. When I started it was several months before that douche bag JD showed up. Then he showed his stupid pictures that looked like children drew them explaining “Disruptive innovation” or some such nonsense. THEN he referred to sellers as Noise and took away Neg feedback for buyers. From there on they made so many stupid changes that seemed to negatively impact sales. I started spreading out to other venues and my own website. Etsy is great, it brings in a lot if you have the right products. Their fees are so low I can’t believe it. Amazon is where I started but I don’t sell there anymore because they’ve creeped into my category and my sales completely stopped. But every single policy change I’ve seen ebay make has been an attempt to copy Amazon policies verbatium, but they can’t execute properly because they don’t even understand some of the policies they copy. It is clear they wanted to copy Amazon’s Defect rate system, they tried and did a terrible job. Ebay’s search engine is like King Midas in reverse, everything it touches turns to shit. They show you what they think you want to buy, not what you searched for.

    Ebay has destroyed itself, sellers of items of value have very little confidence in ebay now thanks to their MBG policy and the suggestion that buyers are dealing with a thief with every turn but not to worry since big momma Ebay has got your back. These are the same protections offered on every online venue mind you, the difference is other locations don’t need to plaster it everywhere and imply how easy it is to abuse in order to get a sale. The other venues are also not setup in the event that a scenario arises with fraud, that they still keep the commissions to the sale.

    I would like to see ebay survive, but they need to be bought out by a competent company in order to do so, the marketplace that could be “run by monkeys” is apparently being run by even less intelligent humans at the moment. Shareholders should at least demand that they get some Monkies running the show, these humans don’t know what the F they’re doing.

    • If ebay went back to their 2008 website the world would be better again and sellers could be making money again. Thing is they don’t want people making money, they want everyone to be poor slaves.

  2. Good article. I was on Ebay for 15 years with spotless feedbacks. 2 years ago I sold an item and was frauded by a new eBay user. Ebay sided with the 3 feedback user and tried to steal my money back. Fortunately I smelled the air and cancelled my credit card just before. Anyway I was glad it happen as selling on Ebay was way to expensive and that forced me to find alternative channels, which I did.

  3. Yes you are all correct. Ebay does not help the sellers. FEES ARE EXHORIBANT. 10% for selling, even a small value item; are you kidding? With postal costs so high nowadays one cannot even break even. So sad this has happened. I say BOYCOTT Ebay and don’t sell or buy anything.

  4. I have been an Ebay member since 1998 and have 5 accounts. Recently I closed my premium store and decided to purchase 1000 upc bar codes to transfer my Ebay items over to Amazon. This week made 4 Amazon sales to 1 Ebay sale with just 1/3 the items listed so far on Amazon. Also joined several Facebook pages including a local yard sale page with 40,000 members already,made about 6 sales so far with many other inquires!

    Ebay throttling is a big problem as well since 2013 split with paypal ,Ebay is limiting monthly sales and their Cassini search engines are killing our searches as well. Perhaps an effort to get back at Paypal by limiting commission fee’s ,Ebay has since added fee’s to everything from bulk category fee’s for basic/premium store owners netting them far more profits from relisting in bulk (example -records/cd’s music category 15 cent a listing if you have basic/premium store plus 5 cent buy it now fee, now times that by hundreds or thousands of relists per month over several months,compared to a few sales commission fee’s) Not to mention 1& 3 day auctions now a buck fee killing more frequent sales with quicker auction times.

    Back to flea markets,antique malls and collector shows and I will use Amazon as my main listing format and facebook!

  5. I use eBay as a LAST resort. They treat sellers like garbage, the other sites don’t do this. There are so many options now.

  6. Unfortunately nothing seems to be getting any better. The poor representatives who have to take our call and feebly attempt to answer our most basic questions to no avial have pushed me away.

    I no longer have any love for eBay and cannot wait to complete our exit.

    I called the other day and spoke to a representative about Promotions Manager and asked him at the onset “are you familiar enough with this feature to answer my questions” and he said yes. Then I said I picture you wearing a bicycle helmet and shoulder pads to protect you from all the sellers who are calling angry to which he replied “you have no idea”

    Even the employees have had enough and I’d love to see what eBay’s attrition rate is because it seems I often get someone who has literally NO CLUE what they are talking about.

    I told the gentleman I had 35 sales that just expired and with the old Markdown Manager I could simply edit the start and end dates and re-launch the sale but I cannot seem to find anything that simple with the new Promotions Manager and he told me that I wouldn’t. He said that isn’t a feature which I already knew. He said he was going to forward the “suggestion” from me with hopes they include that feature with future revisions.

    I have already said this easily 100 times (seriously I have spoken to 100 eBay representatives over the last 90-120 days) but I couldn’t help but utter “why didn’t someone at eBay make sure that these features functioned to support the sellers before launching and not fixing and editing on the fly over a 6-12 month period of time?

    I was told the only way is for me to “copy” the ended listings and then to go through the process to re-list it. I said “if I do that then the “ended” listing remains on my main page along with the new “active” listing and I don’t want all that clutter of junk. He said you can delete it and I said I know but that’s yet ANOTHER step I have to take and additional work that I am being tasked with by eBay who’s suppose to be making my job easier not more complicated.

    It’s beyond bizarre and I have had eBay and ex-eBay employees both tell me that they were involved in a lot of these development meetings and that eBay blew off their suggestions/complaints that things were dysfunctional because come hell or high water eBay was launching this new platform to appease investors and more for aesthetics over functionality and that eBay was more concerned about its stock increasing in value then pleasing sellers because the stock increase would yield far more revenues then 10% of our sales.

    Of course I nor anyone else for that matter has a way to verify that but when I am thinking that eBay is set on a course of self destruction and nothing makes sense then I hear that and it’s the only logical explanation.

    When a company treats a customer that way it’s time for that customer to move on. I (my company) provide the best possible customer service to a customer then 99% of the sellers on here. We will drive 30 minutes one way to the office on a day that we are closed so a buyer can come by and pick-up a $25.00 item that they desperately need. 99% of the sellers on here don’t even answer a message on weekends or in the evenings we’ll answer them from 6 a.m. to midnight and sometimes beyond that 7 days a week 365 days a year.

    We don’t do it because we need that $25.00 we do it because that is the way that we do business and how we treat our customers. We treat them like they are the most important because they are.

    So when eBay (the vendor) treats us (the customer) with such disregard and disrespect, well it’s time to move on.

    I have NO idea what the mindset of eBay and its officers and directors is but it’s very short sighted almost like they are getting ready to sell it off or something? Maybe they have been infiltrated by Amazon operatives who are dead set in destroying it all together?

    There is no defense for the treatment of my company over the last six months.

    They give us ultimatums all the time not suggestions. Those ultimatums cause us an enormous work load and to keep stride with the rate we are creating new listings at 25-40 per day with only one person doing the listings we are having to work 25-30% harder, that translates to man hours and we are exhausted trying to keep us and every time we do get caught up we are BLINDSIDED by yet another eBay policy or feature change that we must now conform too.

  7. you all forgot the last money grabber THE TAXMAN ?

    • I completely agree, the tax man (aka “the man”) will take any profits if you even made any profits!

  8. The Paypal 6 month return window has upped the scam levels. You will know you have a scammer because their name will be a little different on Ebay and Paypal. This is because they’ve burned thru accounts before. For example a well known scammer of vintage guitars names Elai Yekeshel has Elai Skel as his Paypal name. Also known as Elai Jacobs. Because he’s burned thru accounts with return fraud. But thats not all. He continues to do this changing his name a little and using addresses all over the US and Canada. How does a guy have one account in Nashville, another in California and another in Vancouver, BC all using PO boxes yet “confirmed” with paypal? He waits 5.5 months then returns. But theres more – he will send the empty box return COD. Knowing the seller is unlikely to actually pay COD charges for a return Paypal already held the money for guess what happens next? Thats right Paypal refunds him. Even though the return has not actually been made there is a tracking number so Paypal just sides with Mr PO Box that uses abbreviated version of his actual name. He does this for a living. Thats what is left on Ebay. No real people use it anymore. Clear out your Paypal and stop using Ebay. Credit cards are financial institutions and governed. Paypal is neither. Guys like Elai Yekelshel/Skel/Jacobs are Paypals user base. Scammers stealing for a living out of a van down by the river.

  9. I use to be a power seller on ebay quite a few years ago. I did so well, I was making more than my husband salary net. Then the fees started climbing, and I moved over to a website, and did even better.

    I keep wondering why someone doesn’t put up a competing auction website. If I had the resources I would do it myself – I’m not greedy – I’d do it for a $500k salary a year – heck even $250k, and let the sellers reap the full benefits of their sales!! All it will take is someone who’s not looking to pillage profits. So it sounds easy, but what exactly is stopping someone? There was once a group who announced a competing website, and put it up, but a few months later slinked into the darkness! Lootslinger or something like that.

    • They tried but did a bad job. Look at ebid, perfect domain name, failed at execution. Who uses ebid? No one I know. Case in point. Others also tried but did not do a good job. Only reason anyone still uses ebay is because they know the name because of millions of dollars in advertising and an established brand name. Ebid and competitors do not have that, and also ebid is not nearly as good a site as the original ebay (the new ebay sucks despite being an updated design, the old ebay was best).

  10. Superb article i reshared it to my communitys , you point about hourly pay is a vey valid one, i went from earning £6.000 a week in the 2000’s then in december of 2016 being totally drained working over 12 hrs a day on ebay just to live i decided to work out my hourly pay and it came to £1.67 about $2.20 that was the day i thought no more,

    i was good at ebay but from easily no stress earning 6k a week to 10y-15 years later earning 600-800 a month working all hours god gives, there is a seriously bad pattern
    1) the fee’s and people knowing how to scam ebay wet up so less profit
    2) to many competitors at auction houses and car boots everyone got the ebay bug and it pushed stock costs up, people at flea markets could research how much there stuff was worth that was a big killer

  11. 1.Sadly, ebay has been taken over softly by Chinese exporters selling items for $10 or less (plus free EMS shipping); perhaps it is about time that JD or Alibaba purchase the dying ebay & resurrect it.
    2.JD, the ex-CEO, has invented all the BS…suspension,limitation,fee increase,5 star feedback,one way feedback,, etc to kill the sellers (he simply hates these crooks for making money off the innocent buyers)
    3. 90% of the Power Sellers in my areas have gone fishing in amazon lakes
    4. 1500 employees laid off last year, paypal now separated from ebay (left to rot)…no morale,no vision,no customer support,no restructuring (except to increase fees year after year like terrorists)
    5. To avoid being scammed by “knowlegeable” buyers; avoid selling anything expensive & pray regularly;do not contact seller support; as U are guaranteed to be pissed off by its attitude
    6. Buy from ebay, get your products + refunds & sell items at craigslist to make real money…reverse the credit card charge & burn paypal at your command!
    7. Short the stock price of ebay, it will crash very very soon.
    8. Form a seller club & sue ebay for millions in Class action.

  12. Here’s my Facebook post when sharing this article that is SO timely….

    OMG…. I am also done with selling on eBay. A member since like 1999. This article nails it. For me, my problem is buyers who don’t receive their item immediately, file a claim and eBay closes it and refunds their money in 24 HOURS !!!! Both times, I had already shipped the item. I don’t log on to ebay every friggin’ day. Along with the requirement of having a Paypal account, a business that they bought and take a big cut. Also the fact that eBay now takes a percentage of the shipping costs , I am done…… They make the money ..not me. Plus virtually NO customer support available. There are disruptive alternatives out there….

    THANK YOU for this article.

  13. I agree with you kinda, ebay is more and more difficult to sell, sales are way way down, their fees are way too much.. I need to pay no more then 20% on the dollar to make money. I have sold industrial equipment on ebay full time since 2000. From 2005 to 2016 my yearly gross sales exceeded $600K, This year I expect a 40% reduction ins gross sales. I agree the economy sucks, and ebay is no longer the household name it used to be. There is reasons for this, like the Chinese now being allowed to sell on ebay.com instead of ebay.china and the big box sellers getting preferred treatment. There is also many free apps to sell on like facebook and craigslist that are 100% free that is stealing buyers or at least diverting potential buyers away. BUT have you tried those sites? 80% flakes, 10% wannabes, and maybe a few sales of you want to sell for half price.



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