Top 20 Reasons Why Flat Earth Theory Has Absolutely No Scientific Basis (Part 1)

One of the great dangers with breaking away from the prevailing notions in society, is becoming absorbed into the breaking away from prevailing notions.

Effectively, it can become a rabbit hole, where logic becomes doubted and all theories on everything begin to become murky as a person’s certainty of the world around them becomes ambiguous. It can be difficult to discern what is real from what is not, and people who have fallen prey to flat-Earth theory have fallen into just that trap.

I have honestly considered the possibility, with a completely open mind. I read the supporting evidence, I watched the videos where people tried to support the argument. I even watched a flat Earth documentary. However, in every supporting argument for a flat Earth, I was able to disprove it entirely; and there are also other supporting evidence which I have realized make the theory of a flat Earth impossible.

If you do believe in a flat Earth, please read this with an open mind. You must realize that to have an open mind it is required to not close your mind to possibilities which are different from what you have accepted. You cannot say that you have an open mind without listening to your opponent. Even better, I am not your opponent but merely someone trying to bring the truth to light using the scientific method and rational thought.

If you do not believe in a flat Earth, this article will enlighten you to the reasons why some people believe in a flat Earth, and the evidence as to why it is not possible. I started with a Top Ten list and it easily turned into a Top 20 list. There are just too many reasons why a flat earth is not possible.

Now for the top twenty list:

20 The Existence of Orbiting Satellites


The Issue: This can be quickly proven with a telescope. It is highly implausible that in a world of 6 billion people that it couldn’t be proven that satellites migrate around a sphere. The statistical probability of not even one intelligent person discovering this and leaking the information, is so astronomical (pun intended) that it simply is beyond reason.

19 Global Positioning System (GPS)


The Issue: GPS is very accurate. I use it almost every time I leave the house. GPS is short for Global Positioning System. Either the people who make GPS work properly are the same aliens who made our dome, or our Earth is round and GPS is from satellites in space.

18 Space Rockets

space rocket

The Issue: You can shoot a rocket in the sky if you want. If you’re smart enough you can even launch one into space. Many people have watched a rocket launch to outer space. With their own eyes. Where does it go? Out of the dome? Really? It goes somewhere. If it goes somewhere, then there is a space, and if there is a space, then it only makes sense that GPS is real, and if GPS is real, then the Earth has be be round, because GPS relies on a round Earth and orbiting satellites.

17 What Does the Flat Earth Sit On?

flat earth disc

The Issue: Just floating in space? Part of the argument is that the sky isn’t really a sky, but merely a projection; so then, what’s beyond the dome? The logic could be, aliens of highly advanced technology put us on the flat disk, but what is this disc resting on? A larger disc? A planet? It’s just kind of ridiculous. If it’s just floating in space, then what shape are the other objects?

16 Space Missions

nasa mission control

The Issue: Are they saying that NASA space missions are a total scam? That is in fact what they are trying to say. In fact many flat-Earth supporters try to argue NASA isn’t even real or that it’s also a scam. So what about the people who watched rockets go into space with their own eyes? The people who worked on building the rockets? Everyone at NASA?

Are they all in on it? And no one has leaked the information? In this day and age of social media? I don’t think so. NASA might be hiding a lot of things, but it definitely exists. I’ve been to the Air and Space museum, I’ve visited the NASA flight school, and I’ve seen the NASA headquarters with my own eyes. It exists. Seems a little silly they’d make all that for nothing.

15 Space Skydivers

space skydiver

The Issue: There are enough videos of skydivers jumping from space etc that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that the world is not flat but round. Like this one:

Thing is, there is no agenda here to try to convince people that the Earth is round. He is diving from space because that’s what he wanted to do. Because of course, the Earth really is round.

14 Hubble Photographs

hubble max resolution

The Issue: One of the most common arguments for a flat Earth is that aliens created a big dome and stuck us on it. In doing so, they argue, the sky is just a big picture on the top of the dome. There is a big problem with this.

Hubble photographs are stunning and amazing. However, they aren’t in the maximum resolution that they should be to really convince us. If the powers that be were really creating CGI animation to make Hubble photographs, and there was no Hubble but it’s all CGI and photoshopping, then why not make way better photos? Why not say the technology is so advanced that it can take max resolution images so we can see the artist’s renderings clearly?

By not doing so, they are hurting their own argument. Someone making up a lie wouldn’t be making such a bad lie. And if the Hubble doesn’t exist, it is a really bad lie. The pictures aren’t convincing at all. I want to see some star trek or star wars quality CGI. It makes no sense to say “we have a breakthrough” and then put CGI that is worse than we could have done 30 years ago.

It just doesn’t add up. If you can spend billions on observatories and NASA fakes, why make bad photographs? If space didn’t really exist and hubble didn’t exist, and it was all CGI, then the people behind the fake NASA could have and should have made way better photographs.

Take a look at this video on the Andromeda galaxy taken by Hubble. Notice when it’s zoomed into the maximum, it is a very bad picture. If there were no space and we are in a dome with a picture on the ceiling, you’d think they could come up with better fakes. Conclusion: Hubble exists, space exists.

13 Space Flights For The Rich

virgin galactic
The Issue: Ever heard of space tourism? Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace, even the Russian Space Agency, all have programs where they are developing the ability for common (yet rich) people to pay to go into space. How could they do that if we are stuck in a dome? If our dome has an atmosphere but is really a flat disc, then boy will those tourists be in for a surprise when they look out the window to see a big disc instead of a spherical Earth!

12 Round Planets

round planets

The Issue: If this huge flat disc is just floating in space, then what shape are the other objects? Round? If round planets exist, it’s more plausible that our entire planet is round rather than us being on a flat disc which is *located on a round planet*. It would really make no sense at all. Moreover, why would we exist on a flat disc when atoms are round?

It is more logical and scientifically sound to conclude that round planets exist. The only real explanation for a disc-shaped Earth regarding shape is that it was created by aliens. It certainly would not make sense that all planets are discs, or that our planet is the only disc and all the other planets are round.

11 The Sun As a Vital and Critical Component of the World’s Ecosystems

the sun

The Issue: If the sun isn’t real but just a projection on the dome, then what are photons? How do we have an ecosystem which relies on the sun’s energy through photosynthesis? Denying the sun even exists is just, frankly, absurd. It has been said that no life on Earth could exist without the sun. All life on Earth is either directly or indirectly dependent on the Sun’s energy. It makes no sense that this could be possible if the sun were only a projection onto a screen on top of the dome.

This article got too long, so I had to split it into two posts.

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4 thoughts on “Top 20 Reasons Why Flat Earth Theory Has Absolutely No Scientific Basis (Part 1)

  1. I think it’s important to note that there are in fact many what we could call “defectors” from Nasa that have come out and said the world is indeed flat. There are also many scientists, pilots…people that have first hand knowledge on this particular subject that have said the earth is flat. I believe the earth to be flat for countless scientific reasons but I do not think you’re misguided for disagreeing as you obviously view “my kind”

    • Very funny. There is obviously zero truth to what you stated but you are a funny guy.

  2. So most of your argument is “what about NASA” the crazi scientist program.And as for the rich going into space,so tell me how did there first attempt go?Oh yea they died.And now he has scraped the idea after pooring soo much of his own money into it,think he might have realized it is impossible? And then we’ll the other planets are round so ours must be.So if you were on a pool table since all the balls are round the table must be round right?And as for the satalites I’ve never seen one.NASA just said they sent a women close to 70 to ISS.Really? The old bat couldn’t lift 50lbs but is physically fit enough to pass what they claim to be one of the most vigorous physical test a pilot could take.ha ha.NASA hires actors and I have seen enough proof to discredit them forever, from there being caught in lies to water bubbles in there “space” videos.How do they explain that 4second delay on live TV from the moon back then when even with our current tech it would take 20?And as far as a flat earth that’s easy to prove I can go to the beach by my house lay at the waters edge with my camera and zoom in on a oil rig over 9 miles away and see every foot from the water up but with the supposed curvature that would be impossible
    It’s all just part of the gigantic lie that science has become

    • I’m approving your comment because it is just silly.

      To answer a couple questions because I am moderately bored:

      Donald Trump is 70 and he has enough energy to win becoming the President of the United States aka “King of the World”.

      Some people become elderly at 70 because they ate horribly, didn’t exercise, and stopped working (“retirement”) causing both their brains and body to rot. That is why they are the walking dead. Other people at 70 have tons of energy, you should just google “70 year old in shape” and you will see lots of people that look amazingly fit at age 70.

      Don’t know about the time frame 4 seconds vs 20 seconds, but I can tell you it is far more plausible that they are wrong about the distance to the moon then they are about the Earth being round (the Earth is a sphere). However that probably isn’t true what you stated.

      9 miles is not far enough to see curvature (and there is no telling if it was really 9 miles, which I doubt), but there are also other effects that allow that to be possible including the camera lens, photons, and other factors. See item #5: “Boats on the Horizon” issue in Part 2.

      Could it be possible that NASA hires actors to save money and films people underwater instead of in space? Probably. Doesn’t make the Earth flat, just means NASA cheated and saved a few million dollars by making a fake video in the water. If that’s even true which it might not be.

      “Science” has a lot of lies, but the shape of the Earth is not one of them. The Earth is definitely a sphere.



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